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Top 7 Food Trucks - Palm Springs

Posted on 25 January 2018 by Elizabeth

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Grilled Cheese All Star

Palm Springs is a great location with some fantastic California weather. However, when you are here you may want to get a bite of food to eat on the go. This is why you should know about some of the great food trucks in the city. Since this is the case, I decided it was time to go out and rank the top 7 food trucks in Palm Springs. 

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  • 7. Spongebob Ice Cream Truck @ -

    If you want ice cream, then you have to find this ice cream truck. The place has some amazing ice cream and it definitely will make it easier for you to enjoy the ice cream better than what you thought.

  • 6. The Cone Zone @TheConeZoneLLC -

    Ice cream! Need I say more? Well, I do, but you will find The Cone Zone is going to be a place that you are going to enjoy because it has some great ice cream cones and if you are really hungry they do have hamburgers.

  • 5. The Classic Taco @theclassictaco -

    The Classic Taco is a place you are going to enjoy. The place is one that does not really have a lot of choices on the menu, but you need to realize this place is a taco food truck and that means you have great food and plenty of taco choices.

  • 4. Cup of Javy @Cup-Of-Javy -

    Coffee on the go is definitely something that will help you start off your day right. This is a great place you are going to love and know that you can get a perfect cup of coffee. 

  • 3. The Food Dood @thefooddoodca -

    The Food Dood is a great food truck that has been seen as being a truck for hire and on the street. When you are here you have to try the sliders that are out of this world good. 

  • 2. Carte Blanche Gourmet Tacos @tacochicks10 -

    Carte Blanche is a great location that has a lot of vegetarian dishes. What is really great about the place is the fact that it does this on the side, which helps get the right feel for everything. The tacos that you can get from here are great. 

  • 1. Grilled Cheese All Stars @cheeseallstars -

    Grilled Cheese All Stars is a place you are going to simply find amazing. The food truck has all types of grilled cheese sandwiches and it is definitely a food truck you will want to hunt down. The avocado cheese toast is really good from here.

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