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Top 7 Food Trucks - Nashville

Posted on 9 September 2017 by Danielle

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Nashville is known as the music city, but it is also a place that has managed to get to be known as a food lovers paradise. With that being the case, you may not want to hit up a restaurant each time you get hungry and this means going to find a food truck to have a good time. Since this is the case we have ranked the top 7 food trucks in Nashville. 

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  • 7. Deg Thai @DegThaiTruck -

    Deg Thai is a place you will enjoy immensely because it definitely has some of the best food options you can enjoy if you do not mind the Asian cuisine. We have to admit, the dish that we love the most from Deg Thai is the red curry that is out of this world. 

  • 6. New Hickory @new_hickory -

    If you love Fried Chicken then you will love the amazing Friend Chicken sandwiches. Our favorite is the the Mr. Hickory Supreme - which is Honey Glazed Fried Chicken with picked slaw and Duke's Mayo. 

  • 5. I Dream Of Weenie @IDreamofWeenie -

    I Dream of Weenie is a place that has a very odd name, but it is also a place that has some of the best hot dogs around. The place has some amazing dogs, but also some of the most unique toppings you can find. We personally love the Southwestern Black Bean and Corn Taco Mac weenie. 

  • 4. The Grilled Cheeserie @TheGrilledCheeserieTruck -

    Grilled cheese has never tasted so good before. The place has some amazing sandwiches and counter service you will enjoy. The favorite we have from The Grilled Cheeserie is the Apple Pie Milkshake the food truck is known for. 

  • 3. Mas Tacos Por Favor @mastacos -

    Mas Tacos as the name gives it away is a great Mexican style food truck you can enjoy in Nashville. In general the service from Mas Tacos is very quick, but it also has good food as well. The pulled pork taco from here is simply amazing and taste great. 

  • 2. Yayo's OMG @yayosomg -

    Yayo's is a place you will enjoy if you love the Mexican food. The place has some great food options all along the original Mexican cuisine style. The food that we really love from Yayo's is the legend tacos. It is important to note Yayo's OMG does have a gluten free option.

  • 1. Hoss Loaded Burgers @hossburgers -

    Hoss Loaded Burgers is a place that has some of the gourmet burgers you are going to enjoy. The place has plenty of burger options on the menu, but even better they are a great option for the food. The burger we love is the Fa-Heat-a Burger.

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