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Top 7 Food Trucks in Seattle for 2016

Posted on 24 July 2016 by Erica

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NOSH fish

Food trucks are a great option for a quick bite to eat or a complete meal. What is even better is the great selection of food that you can get from food trucks. Seattle is a hot bed of food trucks and we took great care in narrowing down our Top 7 Food Trucks in Seattle.

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  • 7. Caravan Crepes @caravanseattle -

    Unique crepes served in Food Truck with both savory or sweet options. Caravan Crepes has great food, but also some classic recipes you will recognize. Our personal favorite is the savory Shorty's crepe which has Roasted Charmoula Chicken, Harissa, Mozzarella, Sweet Corn, & Arugula.  

  • 6. Snout & Co @snoutandco -

    Cuban and Southern food goes great on cool rainy Seattle day. Snout & Co serves unique spin on Cuban food that is rare to find in Seattle. Our favorite at Snout & Co is the BBQ Pork Sandwich which is perfect mix of South Carolina BBQ and Cuban flavor and topped with Habanero Honey Sauce.

  • 5. Delicatessen Montanti @DeliMontanti -

    East Coast style sandwich shop in Delicatessen Montanti Food Truck. The sandwiches are massive and so fresh that you will surely make this a weekly ritual. Our favorite is the 12 inch Reuben that is big enough for 2 meals and one of our favorite Reuben's ever.

  • 4. Xplosive @Xplosivefoodtrk -

    Totally unique blend of Filipino and Vietnamese twist that makes Xplosive Food Truck on of favorites. Our favorite and Xplosive signature is the 12 inch Banh Mi and Chicken Adobo Fried Rice.

  • 3. Jemil's Big Easy @jemilsbigeasy -

    Creole and cajun style food truck that is unique and brings part of New Orleans to Seattle. Jemil's Big Easy has very authentic New Orleans style food, including our favorite fried Shrimp Po' Boy sandwich. 

  • 2. Hallava Falafel @HFalafel -

    Middle Eastern food is certainly growing in America and Hallava Falafel has recognized this growing trend. Best Falafel sandwiches we have ever eaten before. A great way to try new exciting Middle Eastern food as one of the more unique food trucks in Seattle.

  • 1. NOSH @noshthetruck -

    Seattle is great seafood town and NOSH does fish justice with maybe the best fish and chips in town. Fresh fish at NOSH makes our favorite the fish sandwich a perfect for lunch or dinner. Seattle is a foodie town to winning top Food Truck speaks volumes for NOSH.

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