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Top 7 Food Trucks 2018 - Las Vegas

Posted on 3 January 2018 by Mike

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Blondies Bacon Creations

Food trucks may not seem like they are that exciting to hunt down, but in Las Vegas it is a great way to grab a quick and affordable bite to eat. Since this is the case, and since Vegas has so many different food trucks we have went out and ranked the top 7 food trucks in Las Vegas.

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  • 7. Truk-N-Yaki @Truknyaki -

    Truk-N-Yaki is a great food truck that is fairly new to me. However, it has been around for a while. I really enjoy the fact the menu has a type of build your own type of meal that makes it easier for you to get a meal you are going to absolutely love.

  • 6. Dragon Grille @DragonGrille -

    Dragon Grille is a place that will serve more of the Asian type of food, but it also has some great fusion foods to enjoy as well. I have to tell you the one food that I love and so does my daughter is the Coconut Shrimp from here. 

  • 5. LobsterME @LobsterME -

    LobsterME is a great place to go for a food truck meal if you like seafood. The place has some great food and that includes the amazing Lobster Mac & Cheese. 

  • 4. Tacofest @TacofestLV -

    Tacofest is a place that you can pretty much guess the food they serve here. However, what is amazing is the fact this is a great place that has taken a fusion of tacos to provide some great tacos you will love.

  • 3. Sin City Wings @foodtruck -

    When you want to have some amazing wings and not go to a sit down restaurant, you need to check out Sin City Wings. This is a place that has some amazing buffalo style wings that will leave you wanting even more. 

  • 2. Grouchy John's @GrouchyJohnsCoffeeShop -

    Grouchy John's is a place that is known for having some amazing coffee and I have to say I can understand why. The place has some great food and good coffee to drink. Outside of the coffee I have to say I love the ham sandwiches from here. 

  • 1. Blondies Bacon Creations @blondiesbaconcreations -

    The winner of Guys Grocery Games is here at Blondies. This is a food truck that has all the yumminess you would want to have, but it also has some great people running the truck. The food you will want to try is the bacon melt.

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