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Top 7 Family Friendly Hotels In New York City

Posted on 1 March 2018 by Bridget

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Washington Square Hotel

New York City is a great city and it is definitely a city that has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. However, what you need to realize is when you are looking for a hotel in the Big Apple, you should look for a place that is family friendly and going to provide you with all the help you need to have. Since this is the case, we have ranked the top 7 kid friendly hotels in New York City.

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  • 7. Hyatt Herald Square @HYATTHeraldSquareNewYork -

    This location is great as it is not far away from the Empire State Building. This place has a great access to the city and it definitely will make it easier for you to get around the town and see all the major attractions. 

  • 6. Royalton Park Avenue @RoyaltonParkAvenue -

    The Royalton Park Avenue is a very high class place, but it is a place that has some great rooms as well. What I really love about this location is the fact they do have a pool that your kids are sure to enjoy. 

  • 5. Hotel Wales @newyorkhotel -

    The Hotel Wales is a great location in the middle of the city. However, what you will find is this is a great place for breakfast and with its closeness to some of the museums it will provide you with plenty to see and do.

  • 4. San Carlos Hotel @thesancarloshotel -

    The San Carlos Hotel is a very comfortable place that has a lot of comforts. The rooms are going to be very comfortable and actually have plenty of room for you to enjoy everything and see a lot in the city. 

  • 3. Courtyard Times Square @CourtyardbyMarriottNewYorkManhattanTimesSquare -

    Staying close to Times Square can be a great way to enjoy the city. However, what you will find is the Courtyard Times Square is one of those properties that is out of this world amazing and has plenty of comfort for you to enjoy. 

  • 2. World Center Hotel @worldcenterhotel -

    The World Center Hotel is a place you will enjoy quite a bit. This place has a lot of things for you to enjoy and it is very close to the World Trade Center Memorial, but also has some amazing views of the harbor.

  • 1. Washington Square Hotel @Washington-Square-Hotel -

    The Washington Square Hotel is one that you are simply going to fall in love with when you stay here. The location has a great restaurant and fantastic breakfast, but the location is stunning and makes it easier to get around New York City. 

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