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Top 7 Doughnut Shops In New Orleans

Posted on 15 February 2018 by Larry

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Blue Dot Donuts

Doughnuts I have to say are a meal or snack item that I really like to grab each day. However, I find it is very difficult to find the best places to get a doughnut at times and this makes it hard to find the right doughnut. That is why I have found what I feel are the top 7 places to get a doughnut from in New Orleans.

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  • 7. Cake Cafe and Bakery @ -

    This is a great litle bakery that you are going to love to go to. The food you get from here is fresh and amazing in the flavor profile. I have to say the one food that I really love from here is the red velvet cupcakes. 

  • 6. Maypop @ -

    Maypop is more of a Vietnamese style of restaurant, but it is a place that you are going to love because of the great tasting food and the Chai donuts are definitely something you will want to have after getting a meal or on their own. 

  • 5. Cafe Beignet @ -

    Getting a beignet is one of those things you have to do when you are in New Orleans. At this location you have the chance to get one of these and know they are going to be perfect for your next meal. 

  • 4. HiVolt @ -

    HiVolt has a great atmosphere that is bright and cheerful, definitely will help wake you up in the morning. What is really great from here is the cacao espresso smoothie coupled with some great donuts.

  • 3. Southshore Donuts & Grill @ -

    The shop that you will want to check out is Southshore Donuts. It is a no frills type of location, but it has some good food that you will enjoy. I love the caramel pecan donut you can buy from here. 

  • 2. Cafe du Monde @CafeduMonde -

    In the French Quarter you would not expect to see anything less than a great French style donut shop. That is what you get here at Cafe du Monde which is a great location for unique foods. I love the beignet that are available here. 

  • 1. Blue Dot Donuts @bluedotdonuts -

    Blue Dot is a great place to go to with some of the friendliest staff you can find, but also some great donuts that are unique. I have to admit, I really love the PB&J donut that is going to be on the menu.

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