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Top 7 Donut Shops In Philadelphia

Posted on 23 June 2018 by Carrie

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Federal Donuts

I have to say I love being able to get up later in the morning and still have a great meal. That is exactly what I get when I get a doughnut in the morning. That is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and look for the best doughnut shops in Philadelphia. Here is the list of the top 7 doughnut shops in Philadelphia. 

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  • 7. Dottie's Donuts @dottiesdonutsphl -

    This is a great place that has a wide assortment of food for you to enjoy. The donuts are definitely among the top of the line that you can enjoy. What I really love from here is going to be the amazing Thai Tea Vegan Doughnut. 

  • 6. Trolley Car Diner @trolleycardiner -

    Trolley Car Diner is a great place you will enjoy as it is the classic diner that you see in the movies. However, this is a place that you will find has one classic item that most diners are missing and that is donuts that are out of this world amazing.

  • 5. Green Line Cafe @greenlinecafe -

    Green Line Cafe is a place that is vegan friendly and it is definitely a great place to check out. The place has some of the best vegan donuts I have ever had and I usually do not care for vegan cuisine. 

  • 4. Johnny Brenda's @Johnny.Brendas -

    This is a place that is not so much a traditional donut shop, but they are a place that has some great food that you can enjoy. I have to say the one thing that I love the most out of this bar is the whiskey donuts. 

  • 3. Frangelli's Bakery @frangellisbakery -

    Frangelli's is a place that has some great donuts and they are constantly changing the menu options that you can enjoy. I have to say I love the new releases they are coming out with, but one of my favorites is the Red Velvet donuts. 

  • 2. Beilers Amish Bakery -

    This is a great place that is affordable and easy to get to as well. What is really great about this place is the Fruity Pebbles donuts that you are going to find simply to be amazing.

  • 1. Federal Donuts @federaldonuts -

    This is one place that you are going to really love because it is going to really help out in getting the great food you want to experience and enjoy the atmosphere as well. This is when you should know that this place has some of the best strawberry doughnuts you can find anywhere. 

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