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Top 7 Donut Shops - Cincinnati

Posted on 15 June 2017 by Kim

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Holtmans Donuts

Cincinnati is the Queen City and one of the crowning jewels of the location is the fact they have several doughnut shops to select from. This can make it a challenge to find the best one to go to and enjoy. With that being the case we have ranked the top 7 doughnut shops in Cincinnati.

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  • 7. Silverton Donut Shop @SilvertonDonutShop -

    The Silverton Donut Shop is a place that you can fall in love with as well. It is located in between downtown Cincinnati and the shopping centers if you do not take the highways. The donut we love from Silverton Donut Shop is the Chocolate Glazed.

  • 6. Busken Bakery @buskenbakery -

    Busken Bakery is a great small town bakery that you can love. The donuts always smell so good and the cakes are amazing. However, when you look at the donuts you will find they taste great. We do have to say the item we like the most is the Apple Danish. 

  • 5. Palomino @palomino -

    Palomino is a restaurant that is more along the Mediterranean style food, but it does have some good donuts as well. The place has the donuts more along the desert style, but we do love them. Our favorite is the Sicilian donuts. 

  • 4. Servati @Servatii-Pastry-Shop -

    Servati's is a Cincinnati stalwart and has several locations in the Queen City. However, it also has a wide selection of donuts to select from as well. Our favorite donut from Servati's is the simple glazed donuts.

  • 3. Hitching Post @HydeParkHitchingPost -

    Hitching Post is not the same type of doughnut shop that you would be used to seeing. However, it is a shop that you are going to love because it is going to have a wide variety of foods to select from. Our favorite is the biscuit and doughnut combination that has powdered sugar on it. 

  • 2. Bonomini Bakery @Bonomini-Bakery -

    Bonomini is a place that is tucked away in the Northside of Cincinnati. The location definitely has some amazing donuts, but not anywhere near the quality of Holtman's. With Bonomini the item we love the most is the Chocolate Cake donut. 

  • 1. Holtman's Donuts @holtmansdonuts -

    Holtman's has taken the top spot in our list. Ranked nationally as 3rd by The Chew and by Alton Brown the best donut shop in Ohio, it is easy to see why. The donuts you get from Holman's is simply amazing. Our favorite is the custard filled eclairs that is simply a stunning doughnut.

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