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Top 7 Donut Shops - Chicago

Posted on 21 October 2017 by Pam

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Glazed and Infused

Donuts are a great way to start the day and definitely a food you can easily eat any point in the day. However, if you do not get good donuts, then the food you get is going to be very disappointing and lead to you not wanting to eat at all. Since this is the case, I have decided it was time to rank the top 7 doughnut shops in Chicago. 

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  • 7. Do-Rite Donuts @doritedonuts -

    Do-Rite is a great place to go out and eat if you want some fantastic chocolate donuts. This place has taken the basic chocolate doughnut and moved it a complete step or leap ahead of the competition. 

  • 6. Dat Donut @Dat-Donut -

    Dat Donut is a place that has some great place that has some fantastic donuts and a good location. Dat Donut really did impress us with the cinnamon rolls they have on the shelf and the traditional donuts, so it is a toss up on which one is better. 

  • 5. Beavers Coffee and Donuts @BeaversDonuts -

    From a food truck to a store front you will find Beavers to be a great solution to your need for great food. With the buttermilk donuts you will find they are going to have a great meal and it will help you enjoy the versatility of a doughnut.

  • 4. Dinkel's Bakery @DinkelsBakery -

    Dinkel's Bakery is a place you are sure to love as it has some great food and a nice place to sit down. What else is great is the fact this bakery follows the German customs for food. The bismarcks are easily some of the best I have ever had before.

  • 3. Firecakes @FirecakesDonuts -

    Firecakes is a fantastic place to go and eat at. However, it is a smaller artisan style of doughnut place. So you have to remember they do sell out and that even includes your favorite doughnut at times. I have to say if you want a good eat try the Chocolate Hazelnut Longjohn.

  • 2. Pub Royale @pubroyalechicago -

    We love this place because it is not just restricted to donuts. In fact, this is an Indian style restaurant that has taken the naan bread and made a very unique twist. We have to say, if you want something try the twisted deep fried naan bread.

  • 1. Glazed and Infused @goglazed -

    Glazed and Infused is a great place to go if you want to have some nice atmosphere while waiting for your donuts. I have to say I really love the fact his place has everything you need for eating good quality donuts, but I really love the rose-infused doughnut.

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