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Top 7 Coffee Shops To Visit In Cleveland

Posted on 8 May 2018 by Bernie

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Erie Island Coffee

If you are like me, you cannot start your morning off without a cup of coffee. I know that for me this often is going to be a challenge when I am traveling because I never know where the best places in the city I am visiting are located. Since this is the case, I decided to make it a little bit easier for you if you are trying to find a coffee shop in Cleveland. To that end, I have ranked the top 7 coffee shops in Cleveland for you to check out. 

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  • 7. Pour Cleveland @PourCleveland -

    With a very hip atmosphere you will really love the fact this is a place that you can get a great cup of coffee. This is a place that really lives up to its name as it tends to do more of the Pour Over Coffee. 

  • 6. Rising Star @RisingStarCoffeeRoasters -

    When you go to Rising Star you will see this is a place that definitely matches its name. The place is one that has some great coffee to enjoy, but it also has some amazing new ways to brew it as well, which is what makes this place really cool.

  • 5. Phoenix Coffee Company @PhoenixCoffee -

    This is more of a local coffee chain to the Cleveland area, but it is easy to see why they have been so successful. This place has some of the best coffee you can find and it is super fueled to a level you would not have really thought about being able to drink before.

  • 4. Fuel Coffee Bar @FuelCoffeeBar -

    If you want to visit Little Italy in Cleveland, then a stop in Fuel Coffee Bar is a must. This is a place that brews organic coffee and what is really great about the place is they do this coffee right and really have managed to perfect the coffee. 

  • 3. Arabica Coffee House @Arabica-Coffee-House -

    This is a location that actually predates Starbucks coming to be a household name across the nation. The difference is this place has each shop individually owned and this makes it easier to control the coffee and the quality. I have to say if you are here ask for an Arabica Buckeye. 

  • 2. The Root Cafe @therootcafe -

    This is a place that has a great menu for Vegan and vegetarian friendly coffee options. However, what you will really like with the place is the laid back atmosphere that is hip and trendy, but not up tight at all. 

  • 1. Erie Island Coffee Company @ErieIslandCoffee -

    With a location on Kelley Island this is the place to be. This place has plenty for you to see and enjoy, but it also has some stunning coffee for you to enjoy drinking. I really love the mochas the shop sells here. 

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