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Top 7 Coffee Shops - Phoenix

Posted on 7 February 2018 by Shannon

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Cartel Coffee Lab

Coffee is how I have to start my morning off each day. However, when I have to get out of the house quickly I often forget to make my cup of coffee or leave it sitting on the counter. I am sure you are the same way, which is why I have found knowing the coffee shops in a city is the best way to get coffee. To that end, I have rated the top 7 coffee shops in Phoenix. 

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  • 7. Tres Leches Cafe @ -

    if you want to get coffee with a Mexican type of twist to it then you have to hit up Tres Leches Cafe. This place has the best iced Mexican coffee that I have ever had. 

  • 6. Jobot Coffee & Bar @jobotcoffee -

    Jobot is a place with some great food and good coffee. What is really nice about this place is the different types of foods that you can have to select from when you are getting a drink of coffee here. 

  • 5. One Coffee Company @onecoffeeco -

    One Coffee Company is a great place to go and eat some good food downtown and have some nice coffee. The best part is the coffee which has some amazingly bold flavors you can enjoy. 

  • 4. Lola Coffee @LolaCoffee -

    Located in the downtown area you will notice this is a popular destination for the traveler and business people alike. What you will really love the most from here is the fact this location has nice coffee and fantastic drinks, 

  • 3. Royal Coffee Bar @royalcoffeephx -

    With the quaint location that you can find here it is going to be easy for you to have a great time. However, what you will find is the location has some great coffee and the best part is the fact this place has some pastries that are out of this world.

  • 2. Giant Coffee @Giant-Coffee -

    Giant Coffee is a family owned location that has some great food and definitely some good coffee. What is really nice is the atmosphere of the location that is welcoming. The honey vanilla latte is definitely one of the drinks you need to check out. 

  • 1. Cartel Coffee Lab @Cartel-Coffee-Lab -

    The Cartel Coffee Lab is a great place you are going to like because the coffee is good and the views are great. What is really nice is the coffee that holds to the desert name of the Agave Latte. 

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