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Top 7 Coffee Shops - Los Angeles

Posted on 11 October 2017 by Jose

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Go Get Em Tiger

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and getting a nice steaming cup of coffee. I know if it was not for coffee I would barely be able to wake up each morning and this could easily lead to quite a few problems for me. Since this is the case, I decided it was time for me to help you avoid the same situation when you are in Los Angeles by ranking the top 7 coffee shops in LA.

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  • 7. Alfred Coffee Melrose Place @ALFREDCOFFEE -

    A great location in the heart of LA is something you are going to enjoy. What you have from here Alfred Coffee is some amazing drinks you are sure to enjoy and great food, we really like the salad quite a bit. 

  • 6. Chimney Coffee House @chimneycoffee -

    With locally roasted coffee you are going to get only the freshest coffee possible. What else is great about Chimney House is they have some great sandwiches that makes your breakfast go to a new level. 

  • 5. Balconi Coffee Company @BalconiCoffee -

    Siphon brewed coffee is something that you will find at the industrial chic themed Balconi Coffee company. The place has great coffee and is in a fantastic location. What is amazing from Balconi is the Mocha.

  • 4. Dinosaur Coffee @dinosaurcoffee -

    With a laid back atmosphere you will find Dinosaur Coffee to be a great place to go and enjoy some nice drinks. However, what we really love about dinosaur coffee is the wide selection of java based drinks to select from.

  • 3. Bourgeois Pig @Bourgeois-Pig -

    Going into the late night is a good thing, but it is a great way to drink some good coffee as well. The Bohemian decorations make this place have a unique feel as well. Our favorite coffee from Bourgeois Pig is the awesome espresso.

  • 2. LAMill Coffee Boutique @LAMILLCoffee -

    Stylish and modern are a couple of words you can use to describe LAMill here. This is a place that has some amazing drinks and food with nice seating. The coffee here that we love is the salted caramel latte. 

  • 1. Go Get Em Tiger @ggetla -

    Go Get Em Tiger is a great place that has a very lively atmosphere and good coffee to boot. The bench seating does make it a comfortable place to sit down as well. We personally love the lattes they make with almond milk.

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