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Top 7 Coffee Shops - Kansas City

Posted on 19 February 2018 by Cameron

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Kansas City is a long way from Seattle, but what is great is this means you have a chance to find some local coffee shops that have a unique style and flavor all to themselves. Since this is the case, though, it also means figuring out which one of the coffee shops is the tops. That is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and rank the top 7 coffee shops in Kansas City. 

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  • 7. Crows Coffee @crowssouthplaza -

    If you want to go to a coffee shop with a good vibe and great staff, then you have to hit up Crows Coffee. This place is a great one and definitely going to provide you with the food options you want to have for a quick bite. I have to say, I personally love the Hugo tea. 

  • 6. Blip Roasters @bliproasters -

    While this is more of a biker hangout, it is a great place to get biker gear and coffee. Not to mention since the bikers are hanging out here, it is easy to get directions to your destination.

  • 5. Mud Pie @ -

    This is a vegan location that has some good drinks, even if you are not into the vegan trends. The soy milk does a decent job here at substituting, but I have to admit I love the tasty quality of the coffee.

  • 4. Hi Hat Coffee @Hi-Hat-Coffee -

    If you want to feel like you have left Kansas City and went to Germany, then you have to check out Hi Hat Coffee. This place is a little brick building, but it has a great feel to it. The drink you need to try from here is the spicy mocha.

  • 3. The Roasterie Cafe @TheRoasterie -

    This is a great place to go that is spreading its wings somewhat. However, the tours you can get here and the great coffee is amazing. You will love the fact this place has plenty of drink selections. 

  • 2. Second Best Coffee @secondbestcoffee -

    Well, the name suits this place, but it could easily be first place in our list as well. The coffee is really good and the atmosphere is very welcoming for people. The drink I love is the Askinosie Mocha. 

  • 1. Quay Coffee @QuayCoffee -

    This is a great coffee shop that is small, but packs a ton of drinks inside of the location. I have to say I personally love all the food selection they have as well for a coffee shop. No matter what you will have to try the espresso. 

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