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Top 7 Coffee Shops - Chicago

Posted on 26 September 2017 by Pam

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Sawad Coffee

A cup of coffee means starting the day off right. However, what you need to realize is this also is a great way for you to get out and meet the people who are around the area as well. This is when you often head out in search of the best coffee shop in town, but are stumped because you are just visiting. To alleviate this issue we have ranked the top 7 coffee shops in Chicago. 

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  • 7. Caffe Umbria @CU.CaffeUmbria -

    Making the finest Italian coffee drinks around you will find Caffee Umbria. This is a place you will fall in love with and definitely want to go back to time and time again. The food is amazing and the drinks are out of this world, definitely have to try the espresso.

  • 6. Heritage Outpost @HeritageOutpost1020 -

    Heritage Outpost is a place that started off with just some great bikes they would have on the sidewalk. However, the place is one that you are going to fall in love with because of the amazing food and great drinks you have available, before you go shopping for the day. 

  • 5. Elaines Coffee Call -

    Elaine's Coffee Call has the perfect balance of the food and drink. What is great with the place is the fact it has a good atmosphere that makes drinking your iced caramel latte a lot easier.

  • 4. Star Lounge Coffee Bar -

    Star Lounge is a great place that you are going to enjoy because it has some amazing food and drinks. The place also has a funky type of decor you are going to enjoy as well. Throw in the fact this is a great coffee shop and you will have some amazing drinks to enjoy while looking at the funky type of decor. 

  • 3. Osmium Coffee Bar @Osmium-Coffee-Bar -

    Located in an older industrial building and following the same industrial feel you have Osmium Coffee Bar. The place is one that has some great food and amazing drinks as well. The iced coffee you can get from here is simply the bomb and amazing. 

  • 2. Gaslight Coffee Roasters @gaslightcoffee -

    Gas light coffee roasters is a place that you are going to love because it has a shabby chic style feel to it, but also some amazing pastry dishes as well. What is great is the house roasted flavors are going to change on a regular basis that you can enjoy for a new drink each time you go in.

  • 1. Sawada Coffee @sawadacoffee -

    Drinking a cup of coffee and playing Ping Pony may not seem like it would be something you would usually do, but at Sawada it is not possible, but encouraged. This is a great place that has some amazing drinks and a very chill style as well. The best drink is the Matcha Latte. 

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