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Top 7 Cincinnati Museums for 2016

Posted on 9 July 2016 by Kim

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Going to Cincinnati to see a museum? If you are make sure you find the top 7 museums and put them on your trip planner. Then you can immerse yourself in the history that is present in this beautiful city.

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  • 7. Vent Haven Museum -

    This is more of a specialty type of museum as it is full of dummies. Quite literally at that as it is a museum of ventriloquist dummies. So if you want to go and see some of the most famous dummies around, then the Vent Haven Museum is the place for you to head off to.

  • 6. Contemporary Arts Center -

    Arts are often seen as a fine line between loving them or hating them. With this location you have a chance to see some of the modern arts, but also view them in an area that is going to provide you with excellent views of the arts.

  • 5. Behringer-Crawford Museum -

    This is a museum that is a mixture of everything that you could ever want to see. This has items from paleontology gallery to the Ohio river gallery. Either way the museum is full of plenty of local historical items that you can enjoy during your trip.

  • 4. Skirball Museum -

    The Jewish heritage in Cincinnati is fairly well hidden. However, if you come to the Skirball museum you will find the museum puts its entire collection in display that will make it easy for you to enjoy the trip and know the history has a rich Jewish past.

  • 3. Taft Museum -

    Compared to the modern art museum this is going to be a great stop for you to make. It has some of the classic works that you are going to absolutely love, but also want to go back and study for an even longer trip.

  • 2. American Sign Museum -

    If you have a feel for signs and want to step back into the classic time when signs were all the rage then you must stop here. It is a great location that will provide you with enough signs to look at that it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

  • 1. Cincinnati Fire Museum -

    Cincinnati was the first full time paid fire department so it is only fitting that it has a great museum that can showcase this. The fire museum is a must see for anyone who respects the firefighters, but also for anyone who wants an education on how far the fire service has come.

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