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Top 7 Chinese Restaurants - New York City

Posted on 24 April 2017 by Bridget

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Chinese food is a great option for any meal. However, you will find it can be difficult to find the best Chinese restaurant at times in the larger cities because of the number of restaurants in the town. We have rated the top 7 Chinese restaurants in New York City to make it easier for you to decide which place you should be eating. 

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  • 7. Noodle Village @Noodle-Village -

    Noodles are definitely a great option when you are in a hurry or want to have a light meal. What you get from Noodle Village is a food that is not only light, but filling as well. Noodle Village has a variety of noodles and narrowing down our favorite dish is just too hard to do because we love them all! 

  • 6. Fung Tu @fungtunyc -

    Fung Tu is a newer Asian fusion restaurant, but that allows it to have a more modern twist on the food they are serving. The dish that we tend to lean towards here is the Pork Belly Egg Roll, that is perfectly prepared. 

  • 5. Asia de Cuba @AsiadeCubaNYC -

    Have you ever wanted to have some Latin cuisine with some Asian twists? If you have then you will love Asia de Cuba. Our personal favorite dish from the restaurant is the Snapper to make it easier for you to enjoy a great twist for the dishes that you are sure to love. 

  • 4. China Grill @ChinaGrillNY -

    Have you ever wanted to try to eat an Asian fusion food? If you have then you will love the fact that China Grill is in NYC. This is a place that has some of the best fusion foods around and still holds the Asian roots. The downside is this is more of a popup location now, but still has our personal favorite dish the King Crab Dynamite.

  • 3. Wo Hop City @Wo-Hop-17-Mott-St -

    Tradition is what you will get when you go to Wo Hop. This is a place that you will simply fall in love with and want to call home time and time again. Either way the place has some great food and the tradition looks like it will continue for years to come. 

  • 2. Han Dynasty @HanDynasty -

    Straightforward and simple is what you will find at Han Dynasty. This is a restaurant that will make the food you want and provide you with the great taste as well. The restaurant serves mainly the traditional Sichuan food. Our favorite dish is the Wontons in Chili Oil.

  • 1. RedFarm @redfarmnyc -

    Red Farm is a great Chinese restaurant that you are going to enjoy. However, you will also find this is a Chinese place that has a wide ranging menu and an atmosphere inside of the restaurant that you are going to love. Our favorite food off of the menu is the Happy Buddha Delight. 

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