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Top 7 Chinese Restaurants - Las Vegas

Posted on 7 May 2017 by Mike

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Wing Lei Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful city and one that allows you to do quite a bit. However, you will find the selection of fine dining establishments is large. So you should know about the top 7 Chinese restaurants to help you in finding the best one to go to and enjoy eating at. 

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  • 7. Hakkasan @HakkasanLasVegas -

    Excellent architecture and a fantastic location at the MGM Grand is what is going to set the Hakkasan restaurant apart from all the other places. This restaurant is great and the menu is widely  varied in the Chinese food style. Our favorite dish from here is the roasted duck, that is divine. 

  • 6. Golden Flower @Golden-Flower-Chinese-Cuisine -

    Golden Flower is a place that is going to follow more along the Cantonese style of food that you can get. The food is great and the atmosphere is good as well. Our favorite dish from Golden Flower is the Shrimp Fried Rice dish. 

  • 5. Wo Fat @Wo-Fat-Chinese-Restaurant -

    Wo Fat is a place you will like if you enjoy the traditional Chinese style of food. The location has quite a bit in the way of traditional foods, but also a great quality as well. The dish we love from Wo Fat is Crispy Kao Chee which is a stunning dish. 

  • 4. Joyful House Chinese Cuisine @joyfullv -

    A comfortable place that you are able to eat at is present in Joyful House for Chinese food. What else is nice about the location is the fact that it offers a late dining option as well. While we are not really tofu fans, we do love the mixed seafood with braised tofu dish they have here. 

  • 3. Blossom @ARIA -

    When you are looking for an extensive Chinese seafood style restaurant you cannot go wrong with Blossom. The location is a great one for the seafood and has some great ambiance as well. The dish we love from Blossom is what they have on special because it never disappoints us. 

  • 2. New York Chinese Restaurant @New-York-Chinese-Restaurant -

    If you are looking for a more home style Chinese restaurant you cannot go wrong here. The location is one that is very simple and plain, but the food is far from being simple. The dish that we love here is the orange chicken that we love to eat. 

  • 1. Wing Lei @WynnLasVegas -

    Wing Lei is the first Chinese restaurant in America to win a Michelin Star and it shows with the quality of the food and the professionalism of the staff. A great restaurant with plenty of atmosphere to make the restaurant a great one. Our favorite dish from the menu is the three cup sea bass with the beef vermicelli which is a stunning dish. 

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