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Top 7 Chinese Restaurants - Las Vegas

Posted on 11 June 2017 by Mike

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Chinese restaurants are a great place to enjoy some great food that is unique and taste great. However, when you are in Las Vegas you will notice you have quite a selection of choices of restaurants. This is when you should know we have ranked the top 7 Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas.

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  • 7. China Mama @China-Mama -

    China Mama is a great place that has some of the classic Chinese food in the Sichuan style. The food is excellent and the spices are blended perfectly like you want to have it made. With this dish the one thing you will want to try is the Peking Duck.

  • 6. Chada Thai & Wine @Chadavegas -

    Are you looking to have some great food in a fantastic atmosphere? If you are then you cannot go wrong at Chada Thai & Wine. This place has great food and even on menu mistakes you cannot tell the difference because it taste so good. Our favorite dish from Chada is the mussamun curry. 

  • 5. Trattoria Nakamura-Ya @TrattoriaNakamuraYa -

    When you are looking at the best fusion restaurant of cuisines you will want to consider the Trattoria Nakamura-Ya. This is a restaurant that has combined the Asian and Italian cuisines to create some great food. The dish we really love from Trattoria is the sea urchin linguini. 

  • 4. Joyful House @joyfulhouselv -

    Joyful House is one of those places that has held onto the traditional style Cantonese type of cooking. However, it is a place that has managed to pull out a lot of the stops with American style of service. The perfect meal from Joyful House is the soup with the wontons. 

  • 3. Honey Pig @Honey-Pig -

    Honey Pig is one of those places you are sure to fall in love with. The place is in a small little strip mall, but don't hold that against the place because it takes amazing to the next level. Our favorite is the Kalbi that is completely filling. 

  • 2. Monta Ramen @montaramen -

    Monta Ramen is a noodle house that is present in Las Vegas. This is a great place with quality noodles you are never going to overlook again. When you are here the one dish that you have to try is the noodle soup that is simply amazing. 

  • 1. Kabuto @kabutolv -

    Kabuto is one of the best Vegas Chinese restaurants that has some of the best sushi that we have found in Vegas. What is great is the sushi has plenty of items available for you to try and enjoy. However, you will notice the place has some great atmosphere as well that makes it easier for you to have a great time. 

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