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Top 7 Asian Restaurants In Boston

Posted on 4 April 2018 by Kim

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Dining in Boston is definitely a unique experience and one that you are sure to love. However, what you will find is Boston also has an amazing Chinatown area that you are sure to fall in love with. The problem is what Asian restaurants are the best ones to eat at in Boston? Well, I have went out and am making this easier for you as I have ranked the top 7 Asian restaurants in Boston.

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  • 7. Clay Pot Cafe @Clay-Pot-Cafe -

    When you are at Clay Pot Cafe you will find it is a place you have to bring cash with you. The place is simply beautiful on the inside and the food will definitely make it easier for you to have a great meal. 

  • 6. Avana Sushi @Avana-Sushi-Boston -

    Avana is a great place to go that is a no frills type of place. The utensils could use some upgrading, but hey that is fine when you have food that taste this good. I personally love the miso soup that is out of this world good. 

  • 5. Wai Wai @ -

    Are you looking for a great experience that will help you out in getting the food that you want with an authentic feel? If you are then make sure you check out Wai Wai, which is a great secret place, but also has some quality authentic food. I personally love the meats off of the limited menu, topped off with some ginger ice cream.

  • 4. Q Restaurant @QRestaurantUSA -

    Do you like going to a restaurant and having complete control over what you are going to eat? If you do, then you have to check out Q. This place is one of those that you are going to fall in love with based off of what they have on the menu and how you get to have your hand in the prep work of the food.

  • 3. Best Little Restaurant by Shojo @shojoboston -

    This is a small restaurant, but do not let the size of the place fool you as you will find the food is amazing and makes me wonder how the location can contain the food quality here. I personally love the kimchi fried rice from the location.

  • 2. Gourmet Dumpling House @/南北風味-Gourmet-Dumpling-House -

    This is a small location so it can get crowded, but it is definitely a place that has all the food that you will want to have if you love dumplings. The menu is good and varied, but the location is well known for the spicy dumplings they serve. 

  • 1. Penang Malaysian Cuisine @Penangboston -

    If you want to have a great experience that is going to provide you with some amazing food and a good atmosphere to eat it at, then you have to check out Penang. This place has some of the best beef rendang that I have ever had before.

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