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Top 7 Chicken Wing Restaurants - Napa Valley

Posted on 14 September 2017 by Mary

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Chicken Wings

When you are in a hurry to get someplace, but are hungry you will often stop to grab a quick bite to eat. Sometimes it will be fast food, which is not that good, but it does fill you up. Other times, you may have just enough time to grab a good bite to eat and have a bite that is enjoyable and filling at the same time. That often means chicken wings! When you are in Napa Valley, you will want to know about the top 7 chicken wing restaurants. 

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  • 7. Napa Palisades Saloon @napapalisadessaloon -

    If you want to have a unique gastropub experience you have to check out Napa Palisades Saloon. This is a place that has been amazing and has some great food as well. The wings do have a good dipping sauce with the buffalo sauce that comes with them.

  • 6. Redd Wood @ReddWoodYountville -

    Redd Wood is mainly seen as a pizza joint, but taking from a lot of the national chains they have expanded to include wings as well. The wings you get from Redd Wood are out of this world and they are a great meal or side. The wings are seen more in the Italian style and that definitely makes them different and unique to the taste buds of many people. 

  • 5. Mustards Grill @Mustards-Grill -

    Mustards is as it claims a truck stop with an elevated type of food. When we ate here we really took that to heart as the place is very elegant compared to most truck stops we have been in, but the food is amazing. The apps menu has some amazing chicken wings and I have to say the Blue Cheese dipping sauce is out of this world. 

  • 4. The Q -

    If you are looking for a place that has some fast, but causal food that you are going to come back to time and time again, then you will love The Q. While it is mainly on the apps menu on the to share section, we personally love the spicy chicken wings. 

  • 3. The Kitchen Door @KitchenDoorNapa -

    Located in the Oxbow Public Market you will find The Kitchen Door. This is a quaint place that does not have an overbearing presence inside of it. The food is good and the wings are some of the best we have had. When you are here you have to try the chicken teriyaki wings. 

  • 2. Norman Rose Tavern @norman.rose.tavern -

    Norman Rose Tavern is definitely a place you will want to try out. The beer selection is amazing, but the food is great as well. The wings are out of this world and you definitely have to keep your eyes open for the special wings. 

  • 1. Red Rock North @Red-Rock-North -

    Red Rock North is a place that has a lively atmosphere. Red Rock North is mainly known for BBQ, but also some great wings. The food you get from here is decent and the place really has a good reputation that everyone is going to love. When you are here you do have to try the Buffalo wings.

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