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Top 7 Chicken Wing Restaurants - Austin

Posted on 4 September 2017 by Mike

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Tommy Want Wingy

When you are traveling in a place like Texas, you know you are in for a treat when it comes to dining. You have the fantastic steaks that has made the state famous, but one food that is often overlooked is the chicken wings. Since that is the case we have decided it was time for us to go out and rank the top 7 chicken wing restaurants in Austin.

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  • 7. Lucy's Fried Chicken @LucysFriedChicken -

    As you can tell by the name the place deals with chicken, a lot of chicken. The place does have several locations in Austin, which makes it easier for you to find a place to go. What we love from Lucy's Fried Chicken is the fried wings that have the perfect amount of crispness to them.

  • 6. Ola Poke @OlaPoke -

    Ola Poke has a great menu that you are going to love. The place is a Hawaiian style restaurant and the flavor profiles simply explode in your mouth. We personally love the fact they have Korean spicy wings on the menu for us to enjoy. 

  • 5. Black Sheep Lodge @BlackSheepLodge78704 -

    Known mainly as a sports bar, this is a place that is very friendly to pets and definitely a place that has some great wings. From Black Sheep Lodge we love the smoked chipotle wings.

  • 4. Arpreggio Grill @ArpeggioGrillAustin -

    You normally would not associate a Greek restaurant with having some amazing wings, but Arpreggio definitely has this. The place has amazing food and great atmosphere as well. When you are here the one food that you have to try is the spicy barbecue wings. 

  • 3. The Jackalope @The-Jackalope -

    Meant more as a bar for the people to go and congregate in you have The Jackalope. This is a place that has some amazing food and great meals as well as good beer on tap. The wings that we love from here is the Cajun Parmesan wings. 

  • 2. Hoover's Cooking @HooversCookingATX -

    Hoover's Cooking is a place that has great Southern Charm and fantastic food to go along with the charm. However, what else it does have is some great wings. The wings that we love from here is the smoked wings that are simply out of this world.

  • 1. Tommy Want Wingy @WantWingyAustinTexas -

    Yes, you may recognize the phrase from the movies, but you need to realize this is not from the movies and is actually a great wing joint with a play on the phrase. The atmosphere is great and the wings are out of this world. The wings that we love is the Buffalo Wings that are amazing.

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