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Top 7 Chicken Wing Joints in Cincinnati

Posted on 16 July 2016 by Kim

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Chicken Wings Cincinnati

Chicken wings are not just an appetizer anymore, but instead Wings been upgraded to complete meal status. This versatile food has been elevated to such a high status that restaurants often compete to be called the best wings in their city. Since that is the case, we have decided to rank our top 7 chicken wing restaurants in Cincinnati. Most notable to be on our list of top Cincinnati Wing Joint you don't have to be just an exclusive Wing Restaurant.

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  • 7. Cabana On The River @Cabana_on_River -

    The name gives it away that the location is on the Ohio River. However, what it does not mention is the wings that are actually served with more than a single side with the wings. The sides are celery, bleu cheese, and hot sauce. Throw in the fact that Cabana On The River has volleyball and you can easily enjoy wings, a live volleyball match, and the river. 

  • 6. Arthur's -

    Arthur's is a location that really won us over. Arthur's is located in almost downtown Hyde Park, which has the famous Hyde Park square. What is really nice about the location is the blue cheese sauce is not the same bottled stuff you get at some places. The bleu cheese dressing is home made and you can taste the difference in the quality of the dressing when you are using it on your wings.

  • 5. Taft's Ale House @taftsalehouse -

    The restaurant is named after a president and it has quite a bit of legacy to live up to. With this being said, it takes that legacy and owns it. The chicken wings are over the top and have a very unique feature compared to most of the wings in Cincinnati. The unique feature is they are smoked on site with the restaurants own hickory wood chip smoker.

  • 4. Shanghai Mamas @shanghaimamas -

    Asian food and chicken wings may not seem like it is going to go hand in hand. However, this is exactly what you get at Shanghai Mamas, but the wings will be served with the Asian flair as you get the secret spices that has made this restaurant unique and attractive to students, families, hipsters, and everyone in between.

  • 3. Wild Mike's @WildMikesWings -

    Wild Mike's has been around Cincinnati since 1994 and it is a location that has really started to grow in popularity. The best part about the chicken wings from Wild Mike's is the great sauces on the wings. Highly suggest to ask for the wings wet and you get the extra sauce. 

  • 2. Knockback Nat's @KnockbackNats -

    Sometimes the restaurants are going to be more than just the food, even in a sports bar location like Knockback Nat's. When you go here, you will find it has a feel like a sports bar, but you will be shocked to see it is going to have video golf, darts, shuffleboard, and a jukebox that will let you rock out to your favorite songs. Then throw in some of the best wings we have ever had and you have a place that ranks number 2 in our top 7 wing places.

  • 1. O'Bryon's @Obryons -

    Best in class by far as O'Bryon's classic and perfectly cooked wings plus best hot sauce in business make them unbeatable. Even better the home-made Blue Cheese Dressing is perfect for dipping. Add in the great beer selection and you will not regret visiting O'Bryon's.

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