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Top 7 Cheapest Months To Visit Las Vegas

Posted on 12 July 2017 by Mike

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Las Vegas is a great city, but did you know that depending on when you are going to Sin City you could be paying more than if you waited for a month or two? Well, you could and that is definitely not something you would want to do. So we have rated the top 7 months to visit Las Vegas if you are on a budget. 

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  • 7. February -

    February is a great time to be in Vegas because of the beautiful looks of Vegas, but also the time of year for the Super Bowl. What else is great is the average temperature is around 63 degrees, but the room rates are just under 109 bucks a night. 

  • 6. April -

    April allows you to have quite a bit of comfort and a nice place to stay in because it is a great temperature that is reasonable at 78 degrees. However, the room rate is going to be averaging out at just over 108 dollars a night.

  • 5. March -

    March is a great time for a party if you like Saint Patrick's Day. However, what you need to realize is this is a great time to be in Vegas for March Madness as well. The average room rate in March hits around the 107 mark. 

  • 4. November -

    When you are looking at November you will find the room rates have a tendency to get quite a bit down. The prices are usually going to be around the 104 a night. However, you need to realize this is because of Thanksgiving and the high temperatures averaging 67 a day.

  • 3. December -

    Do you want to celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas? If you do then you will be able to do so for an affordable price compared to January or March. December has an average hotel price of just under 103 a night, but the temperatures are a lot better as they average 58 degrees for a high.

  • 2. August -

    Because of the average high being around 103 degrees a day August is the next cheapest month to visit Vegas. Usually around $100 bucks can get into mid week in Vegas during August.

  • 1. July -

    Well the positive is the price is cheap but have to deal with the heat. Rooms are so cheap is the temperatures in July tend top out at 106 degrees a day for a high. Go to pool early in morning and by 11 AM get in to the casino and stay in side all day. Prices go as low as around $90 mid-week in July.

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