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Top 7 Cajun Restaurants in New Orleans

Posted on 12 August 2016 by Larry

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New Orleans is know for great Cajun style food. But with all the selection of Cajun restaurants in New Orleans it is hard to narrow down the best. Doesn't matter if you are local or visitor - finding the best Cajun or Creole cooking in New Orleans is not hard to do. But we have found the very BEST with our Top 7 Cajun Restaurants in New Orleans.

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  • 7. The Cheezy Cajun @TheCheezyCajun -

    Mix Wisconsin Cheese and Cajun food to get one of the hidden New Orleans restaurant gems. Our personal Cheezy Cajun favorite is the great tasting fried frog legs with great chili butter to go with them.

  • 6. Mulate's @Mulates -

    Well known as "the Original Cajun Restaurant" and Mulate's delivers on each every menu item. Add in the great atmosphere and nightly cajun music and it's easy to see why Mulate's is local favorite. Our Mualte's favorite is the fried gator.

  • 5. Restaurant R'Evloution @revolutionnola -

    New Orleans is known for classic gumbos, at Restaurant R'Evolution they do not disappoint with our #1 New Orleans gumbo. Our personal favorite is the Death By Gumbo - perfect cajun gumbo with Roasted Quail, Andouille, and Oysters.

  • 4. Gumbo Shop @GumboShop -

    In New Orleans if you call yourself the Gumbo Shop you better deliver great tasting Gumbo and boy do they ever. As good as the gumbo is it's not our favorite at the Gumbo Shop, we LOVE the Jambalaya. Eat the Jambalaya from the Gumbo Shop and no other will ever compare.

  • 3. Emeril's Delmonico @DelmonicoNOLA -

    Emeril is a name almost anyone recognizes as a star chef. In New Orleans Emeril's flagship restaurants Delmonico is easily one of the best Cajun flair restaurants in town. Our Delmonico favorite is always the grilled swordfish, one of our favorite fish entree's in New Orleans.

  • 2. K-Pauls @kpaulslakitchen -

    K-Pauls is a New Orleans tradition for tourist and locals alike. Great blends of modern cooking techniques with the authentic cajun southern influences. Try K-Pauls Classic Crawfish Etoufee, which is mind blowing good.

  • 1. Café Adelaide @CafeAdelaide -

    Family is tradition at Cafe Adelaide, the cajun tradition holds true as the founders named restaurant after their aunt. Cajun food at Cafe Adelaide is some of the best in New Orleans with so much creativity and local cajun flair.

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