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Top 7 Burger Restaurants In Louisville

Posted on 25 January 2017 by Todd

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Louisville is a great city and one with plenty of hidden treasures. Some of those treasures include some of the best burger restaurants that we have ever seen. At Top 7 Travel, we have decided to rate those burger restaurants in Louisville to make it easier for you to plan your lunch or dinner. 

If you are not interested in Louisville burger restaurants, then you should check out our Louisville city page. 

  • 7. Big Four Burgers + Beer @BigFourBurgersNA -

    Big Four Burgers is going to require a quick trip across the river to New Albany, but it is well worth it. The location has some great burgers that you are going to enjoy, but the chance to go across the mighty Ohio River is great as well.

  • 6. Sidebar at Whiskey Row @SidebarLou -

    This is a restaurant that stands out on its own. The location has its own certified angus beef burgers that we love. They take a variety of beef that is certified angus and the blend they use make the burgers some of the best we have ever experienced. 

  • 5. Dish On Market @Dish-on-Market -

    Dish on Market is a great place for burgers. However, what really makes Dish stand out is the fact they have some great veggie burger options. In fact, a lot of people, us included, think they have some of the best veggie burgers we have ever tasted. 

  • 4. Mussel & Burger Bar @musselburgerbardowntown -

    Eating at a trendy place downtown and ordering a burger may not seem normal. However, at Mussel & Burger Bar you can have a unique twist on the classic burgers, but also have a trendy atmosphere that you can easily fall in love with. 

  • 3. Jeff's Burger Shack @JeffsBurgerShack -

    Nothing says great burgers like a double cheeseburger with some great cajun fries. That is exactly what you are going to get at Jeff's Burger Shack. A great double cheeseburger that you will love, but quantities that you are going to enjoy eating for a full meal. 

  • 2. W W Cousins @WWCousins -

    W W Cousins has made the Food Network Magazine list in Louisville, but it also makes our list as well. They have some great burgers that taste great, but throw in the claim of over a trillion ways to top a burger and it is easy to experience a new burger each time you visit W W Cousins. 

  • 1. Bluegrass Burgers @bluegrassburgers -

    It was a close battle for top spot but Bluegrass Burgers came out on top for 2017. The fact that Bluegrass burgers uses almost fully sourced local products makes such a difference in the amazing flavors in their burgers. Our favorite burger is the Kentucky Bison Burger with the amazing hand cut fries and beans.

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