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Top 7 Burger Joints - Orlando

Posted on 1 May 2017 by Beth

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Shake Shack

Orlando is known for the theme parks, which are great, but you can only eat their food so much! However, the burgers are still great when you are outside of the theme parks to. That is why we have decided it was time to rank the top 7 hamburger joints in Orlando.

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  • 7. Junior Colombia Burger @juniorcolombian.burger -

    This is a place that is very unique and one that you are going to like because of the uniqueness of the burgers. I know that we love the fact that almost all of the burgers have some type of different sausage inside allowing for a completely new flavor profile. 

  • 6. The Cowfish Sushi Burger @The-Cowfish-Sushi-Burger-Bar-Orlando -

    This is a place that definitely has a unique name and some great food that is unique as well. The atmosphere, as you can detect from the theme is unique as well. Our favorite burger from the Cowfish is the C.B.C.L.T. 

  • 5. Hamburger Mary's @hamburger.maryorlando -

    This is a place that has some of the best flavor profiles you will find for a burger. Not to mention all the great food that it has as sides as well. Our favorite burger does have a kick as we like the Wasabi burger which is a stunning dish of kick and flavor. 

  • 4. Oblivion Taproom @OblivionTaproom -

    The Oblivion is a Gastropub that you are going to love because it has quite a wide selection of brews on tap, but it also has some great food as well. Our personal favorite burger is the pretzel burger that is simply a stunning burger that we did not think we would like, but actually we love. 

  • 3. Super Rico Colombian Bistro @SuperRicoLLC -

    Colombian food is very popular in Florida and once you have stopped in at Super Rico's Colombian Bistro it will be easy to see why. The food is perfectly flavored and literally explodes your tastebuds. The burger that we love from Super Rico is the Super Rico Burger that is amazing. 

  • 2. Beth's Burger Bar @bethsburgerbar -

    The name is a little misleading as it does have bar in it, but you will love the fact that it does have great burgers and beer as well. Our favorite burger from this laid back style location is the triple burger with the toppings that we pick being thrown on for good measure. 

  • 1. Shake Shack @shakeshackidrive -

    Shake Shack is a place that you will love because it takes the best of both worlds. Shakes and burgers and sells both of them for you to enjoy. The Shake Shack does have a great mushroom burger that we really like because of the full on flavor profile it provides you. 

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