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Top 7 Buffets In Las Vegas For 2018

Posted on 2 February 2018 by Mike

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The Buffet at Wyn

When you are in Vegas one thing you have to do is make sure you hit up one of the world class buffets. These are going to provide you not only with some great food, but also allow you to explore the city even more by getting a chance to plan out your day. With that in mind, I have went out and ranked the top 7 buffets in Las Vegas for 2018. 

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  • 7. Wicked Spoon @TheCosmopolitan -

    The luxury decorations are going to make this one of those places that has a high class appeal to it for a great price. What we really love from here is the fact the food matches the elegant appeal of the location.

  • 6. Cravings @TheMirage -

    Cravings is a place that has some great food for you to eat with a lot of international dishes that are prepared perfectly. Unlike a lot of the Italian sections, though, this buffet offers a wide range of pasta dishes. 

  • 5. The Buffet Bellagio @bellagiolasvegas -

    When you are looking at the Buffet in Bellagio you will notice it is going to have some great food from the seafood options to the prime rib. We have to say this is a place that has some world class atmosphere as well.

  • 4. Studio B Buffet @MResortBuffet -

    Looking for a great place to eat it is going to have some great Japanese food? If you are make sure you check out the Studio B Buffet. This place is simply amazing and has some great Japanese food you can pick from.

  • 3. Paris le Village @Le-Village-Buffet -

    When you think of French food you may not think about it being available in a buffet style restaurant. When you are at Paris le Village, though, you are going to have some great food options that can give you some food from all over the options of France.

  • 2. Bacchanal Buffet @buffet89109 -

    Bacchanal is a place you are going to like because it has some amazing food and great atmosphere that is Japanese in design. However, unlike what you may think that it only serves Japanese food, this place specializes in close to 10 countries cuisines. 

  • 1. The Buffet @wynnlasvegas -

    This is a hotel that has some great looks to it and it definitely has some good food that goes along with it seamlessly. What you will love is the fact this is a place that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the buffet sections. 

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