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Top 7 Breweries - Nashville

Posted on 18 January 2018 by Danielle

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Tennessee Brew Works

Nothing beats sitting down and getting a drink after a long day at work or travel. However, where are you going to want to go when you are looking for a great drink in Nashville? Well, that is going to be quite a bit easier as we are going to talk about the top 7 breweries in Nashville here. 

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  • 7. Yazoo Brewing Company @yazoobrewing -

    With tours and great samples you will love Yazoo. Not only that you will learn about the brewing process and start to explore what makes these beers stand out from the rest of them. 

  • 6. Cool Springs Brewery @CoolSpringsBrewery -

    A very laid back atmosphere is what will welcome you here at Cool Springs. The location is definitely one that you will enjoy, but also with the great brews and the British pub and American bar food it is great. 

  • 5. Little Harpeth Brewing @LittleHarpethBrewing -

    Live music events are a great addition to any beer that you are going to get. What you will love from Little Harpeth is the fact that it does have live music and some great craft beers that provide a full flavored taste. 

  • 4. Southern Grist Brewing Company @SouthernGristBrewing -

    A nice setting with some great brews on tap is something you will like here. The Southern Grist Brewing Company is one that has some of the best food around and definitely will set this place head and shoulders above the rest of the places you can shop at. 

  • 3. Bearded Iris Brewing @beardedirisbrewing -

    Finding a great brewing company is easy to do when you are in a place like Nashville and Bearded Iris is no exception. The place has some great brews and definitely is a top in my books. I love the taproom with the old world style beers. 

  • 2. Jackalope Brewing Company @jackalopebrewingco -

    Okay, what can I say I am a sucker when it comes to cheese curds. This is simply an amazing dish that I love and Jackalope Brewing Company tends to make them perfectly each time I go here. 

  • 1. Tennessee Brew Works @tnbrew -

    With the beers being brewed on site and the place having some live music it will be easy for you to see this is a great place to go. The atmosphere is very lively and the beers are brewed to perfection. 

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