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Top 7 Breweries - Houston

Posted on 18 October 2017 by Roger

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Karbach Brewing

Houston is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, but that does not mean the city has shut down completely. One aspect of the city that is still thriving is the breweries that are present. In this article, I am going to rank the top 7 breweries in Houston so you can make sure you stop in for a great drink and fun times.

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  • 7. City Acre Brewing @CityAcreBrewingCo -

    City Acre is a great place to go with the rustic type of atmosphere and the great burgers you can buy. The place also has some good drinks as well, so you can come for the food and leave with some amazing drinks.

  • 6. No Label Brewing Company @NoLabelBrewing -

    Located a little ways out of Houston in Katy you will find No Label Brewing Company. This is a great place to go and have a great drink and enjoy some fantastic atmosphere. The mint IPA is simply great and a good drink to have. 

  • 5. Great Heights Brewing Company @greatheightsbrewing -

    Industrial vibe will definitely make this place look like it is going to be here to stay. The Great Heights Brewing Company is simply amazing and definitely is a place you will want to go to if you want to get some great craft beers, with a small neighborhood type of feel. 

  • 4. Platypus Brewing @platypusbrewingllc -

    If you are thinking about going down under to get a drink save some time and airfare. Instead hit up Platypus Brewing, which is a great place to go and have some fun in an Australian themed location. No matter what you have to make sure you check out the great selection of seasonal beers.

  • 3. Under The Radar Brewery @undertheradarbrewery -

    With a beer garden and some amazing drinks on tap it is easy to see why Under the Radar is such a popular place. With the rate it is going in growing with the beer taste and the selection it will not be long before this place is no longer under the radar. No matter what you drink, you will be impressed with the drink quality.

  • 2. Saint Arnold Brewing Company @saintarnold -

    Saint Arnold Brewing Company is simply amazing and is well known for the great craft beers they offer. The place offers tours of the facility and even has some amazing beer hall that has the type of food you would expect to have in a pub.

  • 1. Karbach Brewing Company @karbachbrewing -

    Following a lot of the German style of making beer you will find Karbach Brewing Company. This is a company that has tours and offers some great beer that you can enjoy. No matter what you will love the fact this is a great place to go and get some amazing drinks from and enjoy some great food in the gastro-pub.

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