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Top 7 Breakfast Restaurants - Miami

Posted on 22 August 2017 by Sandy

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Threefold Cafe

Miami is a city that is full of parties and drinking. However, the next morning you will find it may be full of headaches and this can easily lead to you having a horrible day on the beach. If you do not have the hangover headache, though, and are up before the next evening you will want to have breakfast. With that being the case we have rated the top 7 breakfast restaurants in Miami. 

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  • 7. True Loaf Bakery @True-Loaf -

    Sometimes having fresh baked goods is the best way to start off your day. That is what you will find from True Loaf Bakery. This is a place that has some amazing bread that is out of this world. What you will really love is the organic sour-dough bread, but if you can try to find out if they have any loafs with chocolate chips as you will not be disappointed.

  • 6. Big Pink @BigPinkSouthBeach -

    This place never closes so you can catch breakfast at any time! This is what we really love about this location. However, you will enjoy the fact the waffles they have at this place is simply amazing.

  • 5. Josh's Deli @JoshsDeli -

    Josh's Deli is a place that has some of the most amazingfood that you can find in a deli. The place is actually very cozy and comfortable as well when it comes to the atmosphere of the place. We personally love the pastrami mixed in with eggs as this is out of the stratosphere. 

  • 4. The Original Lots of Lox @lotsoflox -

    If you want to have some great Greek food with a Jewish theme to it, then you will want to check out The Original Lots Of Lox. This is a place that has the authentic food that you are going to like and enjoy. What is great here is the bagel with cream cheese that is easily one of the best bagels that we have ever had. 

  • 3. S&S Diner @S-S-Diner-Miami -

    If you want to take a step back in time then you have tog o and check out S&S Diner. The place has been open since 1938 and it has not changed much. The food is amazing at the location as well. Our favorite dish is the 2-2-2-2 special that is a very filling meal. 

  • 2. Buena Vista Deli @buenavistadeli -

    If you like the French breakfast foods you will love the fact that Miami has a fairly authentic French style cafe here in Buena Vista Deli. This is a place that even the Parisians would love to go to. The food here is amazing and the quality of the food is out of this world. Our favorite is the chocolate croissants. 

  • 1. Threefold Cafe @threefoldcafe -

    Threefold is a place that you are going to find as one of those that is amazing with the choices of food, but also with the amount of food that you get. Our favorite dish from Threefold is the stunning breakfast lasagna that is perfectly layered and out of this world in taste. 

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