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Top 7 Breakfast Locations - Maui

Posted on 27 December 2017 by Aaron

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Kihei Caffe

Being in paradise or Maui, whichever name you prefer to call it is a great thing. However, just like anywhere else you go, it is important that you have some type of breakfast foods to eat when you are traveling in Maui. With all the different restaurants, though, which one of the places should you go to eat at? Since this is the case, we have ranked the top 7 breakfast restaurants in Maui. 

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  • 7. Java Jazz @javajazzinmaui -

    Java Jazz is a great place you will like because it has some great live music, but it also has some great coffee that will wake you up in the morning when you want to go out to the beach, but still are tired from the party the night before.

  • 6. Sunrise Cafe @ -

    Sunrise Cafe is a cash only location that can be a little bit hard for you to use if you did not know this first. This is why we have found the place to be a great option for breakfast. 

  • 5. Nalu's South Shore Grill @Nalus-South-Shore-Grill -

    Nalu's is a great place that is more of a late night bar location, but is open early for breakfast. The atmosphere here is pretty lively and definitely something you will enjoy. The food that I really love from here is the chicken and waffles.

  • 4. Cafe des Amis @CafedesAmisPaia -

    Cafe des Amis is a place you are going to enjoy because of the fantastic food and even the great atmosphere you are going to like. The food that I really like from here is the crepes that are out of this world good.

  • 3. Slappy Cakes @slappycakesmaui -

    Slappy Cakes is a place you will find in Portland and Maui. This is a great location that has some great food that you are going to really love, like we love the pancakes as much as everyone else. 

  • 2. 808 Bistro @maui808bistro -

    Nothing beats eating breakfast with a great ocean view you can enjoy. That is what you are going to get when you are eating at 808 Bistro. This place is simply amazing and has a great atmosphere. What is great from here is the banana bread french toast.

  • 1. Kihei Caffe @KiheiCaffe -

    Kihei Caffee is a place you will like because it has some of the best food around in a very Hawaiian style atmosphere. The place has some amazing food and a great atmosphere for you to enjoy as well that is very laid back. I personally love the cinnamon rolls if on the go or an omelet if I have time to sit down.

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