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Top 7 Breakfast Locations in Boston

Posted on 25 January 2018 by Kim

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Stephanies on New Berry

Eating breakfast in Boston is a great way to start the day off. However, you may notice that it is going to be a challenge to find the right place to go and eat at. That is because the selection is quite large when you look at all the different Boston based breakfast restaurants and what is even better a lot of them are not related to any chain restaurant. That is why I have went out and ranked what I feel are the top 7 places to grab breakfast in the morning while in Boston.

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  • 7. Zaftigs @zaftigsdelicatessen -

    Zaftigs is a place you are going to enjoy for some of the great food options as well. I have to say the one dish I have to get off the menu each time is the banana stuffed French Toast dish.

  • 6. Henrietta's Table @HenriettasTable -

    A place that has the older farm table type of feel is what you are going to find here at Henrietta's Table. This place has plenty of food options as well, that may make you think you wen to the farmhouse. No matter what meal you get, you need to get the buttermilk biscuits. 

  • 5. Thinking Cup @Thinking-Cup -

    Thinking Cup is more of a coffee shop than anything else and that is what makes this place great. The coffee, which is the award winning Stumptown Coffee. What is amazing from here is the pastries that are out of this world good. 

  • 4. The Pour House @Pourhouseboston -

    In a play of words The Pour House has plenty of food options that are meant to combat the heaviest of hangovers. The scrambled eggs and toast you can find here on the menu are definitely some of the best foods possible. 

  • 3. Trident Booksellers and Cafe @tridentbookscafe -

    Nothng is better than having a cup of coffee with the morning paper, unless you have the entire bookstore to pick from. Trident is a great place that makes it easier for you to have plenty of food options and books to pick from. I really enjoy the smoothies from here to start off my day.

  • 2. Sonsie @SonsieBoston -

    It is never to early to have a glass of wine is my motto and at Sonsie they agree! What is great about this place is the fact that it does have some great food that is good tasting, but the coffee you can find here is simply to die for.

  • 1. Stephanie's On Newbury @stephaniesonnew -

    With a great brunch menu it is easy to see why this place tops our list. Not to mention it is a very quaint location that is very light and airy. What else is great is the eggs they use here are cooked to perfection each time you order them.

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