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Top 7 Boston Pizza Restaurants 2017

Posted on 8 June 2017 by Kim

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Picco Boston

When you are eating out you need to realize pizza is one of those meals that is quick and easy for you to grab on the go. However, what else you need to realize is a lot of cities have so many pizza restaurants it is nearly impossible to pick the best one. With that being the case, here are the top 7 pizza restaurants in Boston. 

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  • 7. The Salty Pig @thesaltypig -

    The Salty Pig is a play on words and the salty feel of pork, but it is definitely a place that will have some of the best food that you can eat. What else is nice is the wide selection of beers that are available here. The food is out of this world and has some great selections on the menu. The pizza we love from the menu is the Proscuitto Cotto pizza. 

  • 6. Pino's Pizza @Pinos-Pizza -

    When you look at Pino's you may think they are going to be another run of the mill pizza place. However, you will be amazed when you go into the place and see all the staff working hard to guarantee your experience is the best in the world. We personally love Pino's for the Pino's Specialty pizza.

  • 5. Regina Pizzeria @ReginaPizza -

    Are you looking for a great pizza place in an older, but classic building? Then you cannot bypass Regina Pizzeria that has some of the best food possible, but also some of the great atmosphere you would expect to see. When you are at Regina the pizza you have to try is the Napolitana.

  • 4. Scampo at Liberty Hotel @scampoliberty -

    Scampo is the restaurant that is on site of the Liberty Hotel. This is a place that has really held up to the standard the Liberty Hotel is known for and has some of the best pies in Boston. We really enjoy eating the unusual, but very tasty lamb pizza.

  • 3. Coppa @Coppaboston -

    Coppa is a place that you will like on the South End of Boston. Coppa has definitely picked up a reputation of having great food to go along with the atmosphere as well. Our personal favorite pizza from Coppa is the Nduja. 

  • 2. Santarpio's Pizza @santarpiospizza -

    For local Boston pizza fans this is usually at the top of everybody's list but Santarpio's Pizza just misses out on top spot. Classic pizza done perfectly our favorite is the Italian Cheese with sausage and garlic.

  • 1. Picco @PiccoBoston -

    Picco is a great place for you to visit if you want to get some great tasting pizza that will be a quick eat. When you are at Picco you will notice it does have an almost Italian type of feel to the place. The pizza we are amazed by at Picco is the margarita pizza. 

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