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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants - Phoenix

Posted on 21 March 2018 by Shannon

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Eating BBQ is a great way to end the day and enjoy a fantastic meal. However, it can be difficult to find the right place to eat at when you are in a big city like Phoenix. That is when you should realize we know in Phoenix you will have some amazing BBQ restaurants to pick from and we have gone out and ranked the top 7 BBQ restaurants in Phoenix.

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  • 7. Bobby-Q @Bobby-Qs-Restaurant -

    It is not often you see a BBQ restaurant that you have to make reservations for. However, if you want to get a quick seat then you will want to do that at Bobby-Q. This place is a great one and definitely a place you are going to enjoy because the BBQ is perfectly seasoned.

  • 6. Joe's Real BBQ @joesrealbbq -

    Gilbert is just a short ride away from Phoenix downtown and when you do go out here you will want to check out Joe's Real BBQ. The food here and the quality of the food is simply second to none. I have to say if you want a good meal get a potato with the pulled pork. 

  • 5. Texas BBQ House @texasbbqhouse -

    This place is one you will need to bring along the extra napkins with you. The food you have here is simply amazing and the amount you get with each plate is out of this world good. The style of BBQ is going to be Texas and it will definitely make it easier for you to have a good meal.

  • 4. Trapp Haus BBQ @trapphausbbq -

    I have to say if you are looking for a great BBQ place that is new to town then you have to come to Trapp Haus. What is even more amazing is the fact that this guy is one you may have seen if you follow the competitive BBQ championships. The food here is simply amazing.

  • 3. Pork on a Fork @PorkonaForkCB -

    Pork on a Fork is a great place to go and it is one that will simply amaze you with the food. In fact, they issue a warning on their website before you reach it to prepare you for the meals. I do have to say the sandwiches you get from here are simply amazing.

  • 2. Little Miss BBQ @littlemissbbq -

    This is a great place that would have landed in first except they have a very long wait for the food. However, that comes with the great quality of the meat you are getting. I personally find the brisket as a great dish to eat. 

  • 1. Hek Yeah Barbecue @HekYeahBbq -

    Okay, I have to say if you have never had home style BBQ before then you are really missing out. Hek Yeah is a place that offers you the chance to enjoy the amazing homestyle BBQ you have never had before and know the food it out of this world good. I personally love the sandwich they have nicknamed the mountain.

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