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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants In Louisville

Posted on 28 January 2017 by Mike

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Feast BBQ Louisville

Louisville is a river town and not really known as having the famous Carolina or Kansas City style of BBQ restaurants. However, we have taken the time to find the best BBQ restaurants in Louisville for you to enjoy while you are traveling to this beautiful river town. 

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  • 7. Bootleg BBQ @BootlegBBQ1 -

    Most times in BBQ places we go with the brisket, ribs, or chicken and Bootleg is great at all of these. But our favorite at Bootleg is the Smoked Pork Chops, trust us try them and it will become a go to weekly.

  • 6. Ole Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que @Ole-Hickory-Pit-Bar-B-Que -

    Love the 1/2 smoked Chicken as Ole Hickory makes simple taste amazing. Also amazing sides to go with the smoked meats - our favorite fried cornbread and the fried corn.

  • 5. Momma's Mustard Pickles & BBQ @MommasBBQ -

    Finding a nice rack of ribs is not hard to do when you are Momma's. This location is known for having some great BBQ ribs that will leave your mouth watering and wanting to come back the next night to get even more ribs. 

  • 4. Red Barn Kitchen @redbarnkitchenbbq -

    Great quality smoked meats plus 5 amazing BBQ Sauces. No frills just great perfectly cooked BBQ - our Red Barn favorite is the Pulled Pork with the Boubon BBQ sauce. Also amazing sides with our favorite being the Mac & Cheese and Coronbread.

  • 3. Jimbo's Bar-B-Que @Jimbos-Bar-B-Que-Catering -

    Great place to eat and can even have Jimbo's cater your wedding. Perfect smoked meats with sauce on the side, our favorite at Jimbo's is the Smoked Chicken Wings and the Babyback Ribs.

  • 2. River Road BBQ @riverroadbbq -

    River Road BBQ is amazing including the unique smoked fried chicken that is absolutely to die for! Come late as the fried chicken is only available after 5:00 pm on Tuesday thru Saturday and after Noon on Sunday. Also love the Spare Ribs and our favorite side is the BBQ Beans.

  • 1. Feast BBQ @FeastBBQ -

    Feast BBQ won a close battle to get the top ranked spot for Louisville BBQ restaurants. Limited menu that allows Feast BBQ to focus on the quality of the food. Favorite is the half pound plate of Smoked Brisket, maybe the best brisket we ever had. 

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