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Top 7 BBQ Restaurants In Las Vegas For 2018

Posted on 15 January 2018 by Mike

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Rolling Smoke BBQ

Las Vegas is a great place to vacation at, but when you are looking for a meal away from the casinos and other big style restaurants, it can be hard to find the best place to go. That is why we have decided it was time to revisit the 7 top BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas.

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  • 7. Dickey's BBQ Pit @DickeysNorthLasVegas -

    Dickey's is a chain location, but it is a place that has some great food to enjoy. I know that this is a great thing because the pulled pork and even the turkey they have on the menu is very good and on the border of being out of this world great. 

  • 6. Pot Liquor BBQ @PotLiquorBBQ -

    A contemporary restaurant is what will greet you here, but do not let that fool you. This is a place that has some great food that will go along great with the atmosphere. I personally love the dry rubs they put on the meats as this provides a unique flavor to the food. 

  • 5. Memphis Championship BBQ @Memphis-Championship-Barbecue-Las-Vegas -

    The championship name definitely sticks with this place. The place has some great food and a lively atmosphere you are going to enjoy. Personally, I think the smoked baby back ribs are out of this world. 

  • 4. Jessie Rae's BBQ @JessieRaesBarbecue -

    The homemade sauces and the amazing atmosphere of this place will drive you to the location. I personally love the fact the sauces are out of this world, but the unassuming atmosphere of an award winning location. Personally I love the sandwiches from this location.

  • 3. John Mull's Meat @JohnMullsRoadKillGrillJohnMullsMeats -

    This is a great place that has some good names that have come to it, including Guy Fieri. What is really great is the wide selection of meat as this is a butcher shop, but they have put it on steroids with some amazing BBQ as well. I really love the rib tip dinner. 

  • 2. Earl of Sandwich @EarlofSandwichLasVegas2 -

    Earl of Sandwich is going to make you want to eat a sandwich that is made to a level you never imagined possible. What is really great from here is the Hawaiian BBQ sandwich that will leave your mouth watering for more food.

  • 1. Rollin Smoke BBQ @RicksRsbbq -

    This place is so popular in Las Vegas that it has a side room with extra seating if you need it. This should tell you something about this place, but what else is great is the food quality is simply amazing. What I love from here is the melt in your mouth brisket. 

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