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Top 7 BBQ Joints - Los Angeles

Posted on 19 September 2017 by Jose

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Horse Thief BBQ

BBQ is one of those foods that everyone seems to like, but everyone hates to make because of the work involved. This often means going out to eat this type of food and when you are doing this it is difficult to find the right place to go at times. This is why we have ranked the top 7 BBQ joints in Los Angeles. 

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  • 7. Holy Cow BBQ @HolyCowBBQ -

    Holy Cow BBQ is a chain that is mainly found in the California area and it is well known for having some quality BBQ meats. The best dish you can find at Holy Cow is the Carolina Pulled Pork.

  • 6. Barbecue King -

    Barbecue King is a place that has some nice atmosphere and it is family run, which means they guarantee you leave as a happy customer. What is really good from Barbecue King is the beef tritips that are going to be a great meal for you to enjoy. 

  • 5. Hiatus Urban BBQ @hiatusBBQ -

    Hiatus BBQ is a great place to go for some good BBQ, but you have to make sure you avoid the rush because this place can get crowded! No matter what, though, you have to try the Pulled Pork that is simply out of this world.

  • 4. The Hungry Pig @The-Hungry-Pig -

    The Hungry Pig is going to take your pork and elevate it to levels you did not imagine before. The food is great, but with the Asian twist it makes your BBQ taste even more unique. When you are at The Hungry Pig you have to try the Asian BBQ Chicken Breast.

  • 3. Spring Street Smokehouse @sssmokehouse -

    While the outside may not look like it is much and it does look older, it is an amazing place to go. Spring Street Smokehouse has a great menu and plenty of options for you to eat from. With this BBQ joint you have to try the spare ribs, that are out of this world good. 

  • 2. The Park's Finest @theparksfinest -

    The Park's Finest is a place that you are going to like if you want to experience something different for BBQ then you have to try this place. The Parks Finest is going to use the Philippine style of BBQ. Any of the BBQ dishes you can find here are amazing and are paired perfectly with the craft beers. 

  • 1. Horse Thief BBQ @horsethiefla -

    With the beautiful outdoor eating you will love the fact that you are going to find the beautiful meat market window to be very inviting. The selection of smoked meats is amazing as well. When you are eating at Horse Thief, you have to try the beef brisket out because it is amazing.

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