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Top 7 BBQ - Austin

Posted on 7 October 2017 by Mike

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La Barbecue

BBQ is one of my favorite meals, but that comes from growing up in Texas where everything is bigger and better. Since this is the case, I know that Austin has a lot of competitive BBQ restaurants and each one wants your buck. Which one is the best though? Well, it was hard to narrow down, but I have done it and found the top 7 BBQ restaurants in Austin.

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  • 7. The Salt Lick @TheSaltLickBBQ -

    If you do not mind taking a little bit of a drive, you will love the destination, The Salt Lick. This is a barbecue restaurant that definitely helps round out our top 7 because it has some great food and good atmosphere. The place has great seating and it has a family style platter that has a great combination of foods.

  • 6. Micklethewait Craft Meats @MIcklethwaitCraftMeats -

    Micklethwait is a great place that has some of the top tier pitmasters to help them in producing the quality that you would expect. The outdoor seating is nice and comfortable, but it also helps you out in getting the best enjoyment from your food. Our favorite food from Micklethwait is the sausage they make that is simply amazing.

  • 5. Stiles Switch BBQ @StilesSwitchBBQ -

    Waiting in line is something you usually have to do when looking for great BBQ. Thankfully Stiles Switch BBQ does not have this type of wait, but the food is amazing. The indoor seating has great air conditioning, but if you want a fantastic BBQ feel sit outside. Our favorite dish from here is the pork ribs. 

  • 4. Kerlin BBQ @KerlinBBQ -

    Kerlin is a great place to go out to eat if you want to have some great BBQ. Kerlin is a great place that you are going to enjoy for the outdoor only seating, which is covered, but also the great food. My personal favorite from Kerlin BBQ is the pulled pork. 

  • 3. Freedmen's BBQ -

    Freedmen's has some great BBQ that you can enjoy and it is located in an older building in the city. Unlike some of the places you will go to for BBQ Freedmen's does have indoor and exterior seating. The dish you will love the best is the pulled pork.

  • 2. Stubb's @StubbsAustin -

    Stubb's is known for some of the best BBQ during the day, but hosting some great music that is live at night. What else you will like with the BBQ you get from Stubb's is the beef brisket.

  • 1. La Barbecue @labarbecueatx -

    La Barbecue is the place that has some amazing food, but is a little bit pressed for space for the seating. The only type of seating available is the outside patio seating, but still what better way to enjoy BBQ. Our favorite food from here is the beef rib, that is simply out of this world good. 

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