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Top 7 Attractions - Kansas City

Posted on 22 December 2017 by Alex

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Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City is a great city and a lot of people automatically think of the stockyards and the steakhouses, which is a good thing. However, what you need to realize is the city has so much more than the stockyards and that is why I have decided it was time for me to expand your knowledge by ranking the 7 best attractions to see in the Kansas City area. 

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  • 7. Crown Center @CrownCenter -

    Crown Center is a great place to go if you want to enjoy some amazing shopping and food. This is often considered the premier shopping district for the area and definitely a place you will want to visit to pick up the gifts you have to bring back home. 

  • 6. Worlds of Fun @WorldsofFun -

    Worlds of Fun is a great place to go if you want to have some amazing family fun adventures. The theme park has plenty of places for you to see and enjoy, but also will make it easier for you to have a great Snoopy type of area for the kids to enjoy.

  • 5. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art @nelsonatkins -

    Art lovers will love this attraction as it is one that a lot of people are going to enjoy for viewing some masterpieces. What is amazing is the art quality that is here is going to be a lot better than anything you can see in most places.

  • 4. Legoland Discovery Center @ldckansascity -

    When you travel to Kansas City you need to realize this is a place that has its own discovery center as well. The place has plenty for everyone in the family, but the kids are definitely going to love the place because of what all it offers you to do. 

  • 3. Union Station @UnionStationKCMO -

    While we have broken down some of the attractions individually in Union Station, I have to say this is one of those places that you will love. It is a very historic train station you are going to enjoy and want to be able to enjoy for a wide variety of reasaons. 

  • 2. Science City at Union Station @ScienceCityKC -

    Science City is a great place to go for the entire family. The place has plenty of you to do and see, but it also will have things that everyone can learn from. Not to mention as you can tell it is in an old train station, which really heightens what people are going to see. 

  • 1. Kansas City Zoo @kansascityzoo -

    The Kansas City Zoo is a great attraction to see and know you will see and enjoy quite a bit of things. However, what you will really like with the zoo is the fact this is such a family friendly attraction for you to visit.' 

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