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Top 7 Attractions In Las Vegas For 2018

Posted on 27 January 2018 by Mike

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Las Vegas is a city that is fully of glitz and glam. However, what you need to realize is the city is a place that has plenty of attractions for you to visit as well. With that being the case, you should know more about the top 7 attractions in Las Vegas to enjoy.

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  • 7. Mob Museum -

    The history of Las Vegas would not be complete without the mob. If you want to discover the impact the mob made on the city, then you will have to take a trip to the Mob Museum, which is simply an amazing place to visit. 

  • 6. Madame Tussaud's -

    If you are looking for some great place that has a lot of figures in wax that were important to Las Vegas, then you cannot go wrong with the location here. Madame Tussaud's is one of those places that will provide you with a wax museum experience with famous people, but also those famous with Las Vegas as well. 

  • 5. Helicopter Rides -

    Okay, this may not be an attraction that is specific to the city itself, but these are rides that will take you out to the Grand Canyon and allow you to have a beautiful view of the Canyon. 

  • 4. Stratosphere Tower -

    The Stratosphere Tower is a place that will stand out in the city skyline. However, what you will love about this tower is the observation deck you can enjoy looking out from, but also the rides that are on top of the location. 

  • 3. Shark Reef Aquarium -

    This is located in Mandalay Bay and it is one of those places that you are going to love. The place allows you to see an abundance of sea life, including some amazing views of the sharks you never see anywhere else. 

  • 2. Bellagio Fountain Show -

    If you are looking for a great show that you can watch for almost the entire time. What is even better is the fountain show is right next to a sidewalk, which definitely makes it easier for you to enjoy the show. 

  • 1. The Strip -

    The Strip is definitely a place that you are going to want to go when you are in Vegas. This is a place that has everything you can imagine, but it is also one of those places that has made Las Vegas famous, outside of the casinos.


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