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Slidin' Thru Las Vegas Food Truck Review

Posted on 14 August 2016 by Mike

Categories: Las Vegas

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Slidin Thru Burger

Finding a food truck in Las Vegas can be very rewarding for a quick bite to eat. Our team narrowed down the Top 7 Food Trucks in Las Vegas and Slidin' Thru was the winner as the best food truck in Las Vegas. Just naming the Vegas Top 7 Food Trucks is not enough, instead we have in depth review of Slidin' Thru.

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Hours And Location

The hours and location of the food truck do vary depending on the day. For the most up to date information check out the Slidin' Thru Twitter feed @slidinthru.

What We Like

Slidin' Thru has quite a few slider selections that we really like. However, our favorite slider from this food truck is the Barby. This slider burger has jalapeno, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. The Barby brings us back time after time but if you don't like spicy or BBQ then try out Slidin' Thru's 6 other creative and amazing sliders including the top selling Plane Jane (slider with angus beef, cheese, and ketchup). 

To go with the amazing sliders Slidin' Thru food truck has great sides, our favorite is the Sweet Potato Fries. But if you don't like sweet potatoes then try the classic Slidin' Thru fries. 

What We Do Not Like

The Caprese is the one slider that we did not love. The slider itself is not that bad, but we like meat when we are looking for a slider. With the eggplant being the main item on this slider it's just not something we would order again. 

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 9.5 Stars

The Slidin' Thru food truck is our top in Las Vegas and if you like Sliders then you will be an instant fan. Well worth spending the time finding where Slidin' Thru is located for the day. Near perfect night out is hitting Slidin' Thru before doing a show, gambling, and drinking. Perfect for Vegas local or tourist alike, give Slidin' Thru a try. 

For more information check out and @slidinthru.

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