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Popular Travel Destinations: Top 7 Historical Religious Destinations

Posted on 16 April 2014 by Park Rodgers

Top 7 Religious Destinations In The World

No Matter Your Beliefs, Ancient Cities Deep in History.

Are you considering taking a pilgrimage to a popular religious destination? Perhaps you might consider one of these top destinations to experience that spiritual awakening.

7. The Ganges River (Separates India and Bangladesh)  -. For Hinduism, bathing in the river completes the cycle of life and death and that sins are washed away. In addition to the river itself, there are several other sacred sites along the path of the river. Many that make a pilgrimage to this destination are bringing the ashes of their loved ones to rest in the river.

6. Mecca (Saudi Arabia)- Visit Mecca to be part of over 15 million Muslims and other tourists that visit each year. It is be the holiest city in Islam and is the birthplace of Muhammad. It holds much religious significance to taken in on a visit there.

5. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico City, Mexico) - If desiring both a trip to Mexico and a religious experience, Our Lady of Guadalupe is the place to go. It is the second most visited Catholic church in the world, second only to Saint Peter’s basilica. According to legend, the Virgin Mary herself told Saint Juan Diego to build a church there over 400 years ago.

4. Bethlehem (Palestine) - The birthplace of Jesus is Bethlehem. It is a historic city with much to explore, especially popular around the Christmas season.

3. Lourdes (France) - The Virgin Mary ascended to heaven in Lourdes, France. Over seven million people visit the shrine on an annual basis, eager to offer up prayers and petitions to Virgin Mary.

2. The Vatican/ Vatican City (Rome, Italy) - Vatican City is where the Pope resides, making it one of the most popular religious destinations of all time. Among the many religious things to admire, is the artwork of Michelangelo on the dome.

1. Jerusalem (Israel)  - As a city with religious prominence for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Jerusalem is the number one religious destination. There are various sites there to visit for each religious preference and the city itself is quite a sight to see. 

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