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NYC Shopping - Top 7 Places To Go Shopping In New York City

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Shopping NYC

Top 7 Places To Go Shopping In New York City.

Have fun shopping with these 7 great ideas.

Even on vacation, a person gets the urge to shop. That's why we have composed a list of the top 7 places to go shopping in New York City. Check out these hot shopping spots if shopping is your thing and you will not leave disappointed.

7. Bloomingdale's: This popular department store has something for everyone. It is a shopper's delight.

6. Soho: Not much is more exciting than the prospect of shopping at an outdoor mall, especially if the weather is just right.

5. Grand Central Terminal: Waiting for trains and filming classic movie scenes is not the only thing this terminal is good for. Shop while you wait.

4. Tiffany & Co: From the simplistic to the highly ornate, Tiffany & Co. is the jeweler for the job. Anyone that loves a little bling with style will love to shop here.

3. Macy's: Macy's is a shopping favorite in New York City, especially if visiting around time of the annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

2. Saks Fifth Avenue: Of course this famous classic is near the top of the list! Surely no one expected otherwise.

1. Toys R' Us: You don't have to be a child to recognize the fun in riding the Ferris wheel at the center of this store!

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