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NYC Day Trips - Top 7 Day Trips From New York City

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Daytrips NYC

Top 7 Day Trips From New York City.

Take a break from the city and head out for the day.

When taking a vacation to one particular destination, it is also nice to take advantage of other nearby destinations for added exposure and fun. This is our list of the top 7 day trip destinations from New York City.

7. South Mountain Recreation Center: There is so much to see and do here. It is the perfect day trip getaway for any outdoor and nature lover, even if it is located in nearby New Jersey.

6. Kykuit: Visit the Rockefeller estate for the day and enjoy a tour of the house and garden.

5. West Point Military Academy: This well known academy is a piece of American history that may hold a lot of interest for those interested in America's military finery.

4. Skydive Jersey: This destination is for those that want to add a little thrill to their vacation. Take a little mini-vacation way from New York City to skydive.

3. Hyde Park, NY: There is plenty to do here, such as see Franklin Roosevelt's home and library. Or visit the Vanderbilt Mansion and garden.

2. Philadelphia: It might just be considered wrong not to visit Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell. See some more of American history; it's only a short distance away.

1. Kerhonkson, NY: This is a must see part of New York state. Nature lovers especially will delight in the beauty of this rugged, yet forest landscape. There is plenty to do in the park, too. Go rock climbing, mountain biking, or take a dip in the cool lake.

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