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NOSH - Seattle Food Truck Review

Posted on 27 July 2016 by Erica

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NOSH is the top rated Seattle food truck for us at Top 7. What makes NOSH such a great food truck and why should you hunt them down when you are in Seattle versus sitting down and enjoying a meal at a restaurant? Well, you are about to learn as we review the food trucks of Seattle starting off with our NOSH are #1 winner of the Top 7 Food Trucks in Seattle.

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Location And Hours

The location of NOSH is going to vary each day, but they do have a wonderful list on their website that is updated along with their daily hours at each location. NOSH does tend to update the hours for the last minute changes on their Twitter feed as well (@noshthetruck). 

What We Love About NOSH

NOSH has a wonderful menu that almost everyone can love. However, we have taken and narrowed down our favorite dish that NOSH offers to the British Fish & Chips and the Fish Sandwich. Hard to imagine how fresh and light the fish is, makes us think of our favorite British pub. Nosh has received tons of accolades since opening, in 2016 alone NOSH has been named best Seattle Fish in Chips from Seattle Times and Best Fries from Seattle Refined. NOSH even has something for those that don't like fish, the Meatloaf Sandwich is to die for.

What We Do Not Like

Rabbit is one dish that NOSH does have available, but it is definitely not our favorite. NOSH is a seafood oriented truck and adding rabbit to the menu does provide variety, but is not our cup of tea. As we mentioned we prefer the Fish or Meatloaf, but for some the rabbit can break up the foods they are getting all the time. 

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 9.5 Stars

We really do Love NOSH and well worth traveling to get some of the best fish in Seattle. The changes in location means you can follow NOSH Food Truck is surely to be convenient at some point of the week. NOSH huge fanbase is well deserved as the amazing fish keeps Seattle locals and visitors satisfied. NOSH keep it coming and Congratulation for #1 Food Truck in Seattle in our Top 7 Travel Rankings.

Find out more about NOSH at or @noshthetruck.

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