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Nashville Top Food Spots - Top 7 Nashville Restaurants

Posted on 21 May 2014 by Mike

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Top 7 Must Eat Restaurants in Nashville.

Southern Cooking at it's best as Nashville has great food to go with their great country music.

Some of the best restaurants in the country are in Nashville. If you are headed to this great city, you are in luck! Pencil in some time for eats at one, or all, of these fine places. How does the advertising go for Nashville, come for the music stay for the fun well it should say stay for the food. 

7. Mas Tacos - Serves up real tacos, the best around. Try their fried plantains with the fried avocado tacos!

6. City House - This is the place for pizza in Nashville. Belly Ham pizza here is delicious, and you can add a poached egg to any pizza!

5. Hot Hattie B's Chicken - As the name implies, Hattie's does excellent chicken. Order it 'Southern', 'Mild or Medium', 'Hot!' or 'Damn Hot' and have a cobbler to go with it. Don't forget the sweet tea as the southern style is one worth traveling for. 

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4. Husk - Husk gets critical acclaim from everyone. This place does Southern food well, and they offer up big portions. "If it doesn't come from the South, it's not coming through that door," says the chef.

3. The Catbird Seat - This restaurant has garnered national attention. They have a U-shaped kitchen, and the seating wraps around, so you can interact with your chef as he cooks your meal. The meals are multi-course offerings, and of course, delicious.

2. Arnold's Country Kitchen - This is a James Beard America's Classic winner where the lines are out the door, and dessert is served first. Need we say more?

1. Capitol Grille - This is the standard for fine dining in the city. The Capitol Grille is located in the Hermitage Hotel, and are the perfect place for a special night out. The chef uses locally-sourced ingredients and the Oak Bar is excellent for drinks, too.

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