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Nashville - Top 7 Italian Restaurants

Posted on 15 July 2017 by Danielle

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Nashville is a city you would think about with BBQ, but you need to realize the city is one that has some great Italian food as well. This is why we have decided it was time for us to rank the top 7 Italian restaurants in Nashville.

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  • 7. Finezza Italian Bistro @Finezza-Italian-Bistro -

    A family run bistro is a great deal for the food that is present. We simply love the fact that this is a place that has some of the atmosphere you will enjoy as well for the food. Finezza is a place that you have to get the Chicken Caprese. -

  • 6. Giovanni Ristorante @GiovanniRistorante -

    The rustic charm and the little bit of dark lights that are present here is going to be a great place for you to visit and that is exactly what you get in Giovanni. The place has a nice romantic based atmosphere as well for you to enjoy. The dish that we love from Giovanni's is the Paste e Risotti. 

  • 5. Mama Mia's @Mama-Mias -

    Finding the extensive Sicilian style of Italian food is what you are going to love about Mama Mia's. The best part is the location has some great food you will enjoy. The dish that we love is the lasagna that is on the menu. 

  • 4. Cafe Noona @noonasgourmet -

    Cafe Noona is a great place that you are going to love because it has a great location with a perfect backdrop for you to go to. However, the prices are inexpensive on the menu that is seen here. The food that you will love from here is the spinach gnocchi. 

  • 3. Coco's Italian Market @Cocos-Italian-Market -

    Family run by chefs that have been trained in the Italian methods you will find Coco's has a great food that is going to have you thinking you are in New York. Our favorite dish from Coco's is ravioli. 

  • 2. Amerigo @AmerigoNashville -

    Amerigo is a great location that you can take the family to. The place has a lot of menu options, but also has a great gluten free menu that makes it easier for you to get the food you want to have even if you have a gluten intolerance. We love the hot pasta Chicken Alfredo. 

  • 1. Moto @motocucinanashville -

    Moto is a place that will make you think more of a repair shop, but this would be with good cause. The location has some great Italian food you will enjoy as well as the atmosphere that is going to go along great with the theme. What is great here is the black spaghetti that is here. 

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