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Must See Los Angeles - Top 7 Must See Sights In Los Angeles

Posted on 2 May 2014 by Melissa Moore

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The Top 7 Must See Sights in Los Angeles

It's tempting to want to see everything in a city, but this guide will help you narrow down what's a must. 

Whether this is your first trip to LA or your tenth, there are some must see sights in the city that you simply cannot miss.

7) MacArthur Park: This park is often referred to when you hear of LA, and is named after General Douglas MacArthur. It is a designated city of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument that has a lake, an amphitheater, a bandshell, sports fields, a playground and more.

6) The Hollywood Sign: This is something to get a picture of, while the grounds are barred from public access it is possible to get some great shots from a number of angles--and it’s free to visit!

5) Bronson Caves: These caves were leftover from an old rock quarry and have been used by filmmakers for dozens of movies and television series , such as the Batcaves in the Batman TV series.

4) Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2,454 black squares with coral stars. Blocks and blocks of names to explore!

3) Griffith Park: Home to the Observatory, Griffith Park Southern Railroad, the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round and the LA Zoo. The park has areas to camp, golf, play soccer, picnic, swim, horseback ride, hike and more. There is also a bird sanctuary within the park.

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2) The Sunset Strip: The Rock and Roll Corridor that everyone must visit and take pictures of.

1) J. Paul Getty Museum: The Getty’s collection includes drawings, decorative objects, paintings, photographs, sculpture and much more. 

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