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Museums In Dallas - Top 7 Museums

Posted on 22 April 2018 by Tony

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6th Floor Museum

Dallas is a very beautiful city, but it can be warm at times during the summer months. Since this is the case, you often will flock to the inside of buildings and a shopping mall may not be the best option. So you will want to know about the top 7 museums in Dallas to help you in finding the best places to head indoors to learn and beat the heat. 

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  • 7. National Videogame Museum @nvmusa -

    This is one place the kids are going to love, but the adults are going to look at and see some of the games they used to play. This is going to make this a great place to go and enjoy a great trip here as well because the kids are going to have a great time learning and the adults for remembering.

  • 6. Frontiers of Flight Museum @flightmuseum -

    Are you trying to find a great place to go and explore the beauty of flight? Do you want to see how flight has changed over the years? If that is the case, then you need to make sure you check out the Frontiers of Flight Museum. This place has a ton of airplanes for you to explore and quite a bit of other features.

  • 5. Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary @ConnectwithNature -

    This is one of the best places to go in Dallas. You will learn a lot about nature, but with this also being a wildlife sanctuary will have a chance to see the animals that are being talked about in the center. 

  • 4. George W. Bush Presidential Center @TheBushCenter -

    Are you wanting to learn about the presidency even more? Do you want to explore some of the information about the presidents at a level you did not think you would reach before? If that is the case, this is the place you are going to want to check out. 

  • 3. Perot Museum of Nature and Science @Perot-Museum-of-Nature-and-Science -

    If you want to learn about science and nature at the same time, then you will not be disappointed in this location. It has the perfect combination of everything you would want to see here and it definitely will make it easier for you to have a great trip because you are going to see and learn so much.

  • 2. Dallas Museum of Art @DallasMuseumofArt -

    Even if you do not like art that much, this is a great museum that will educate you and allow you to have a great time viewing the art. The pieces here will be varied and going to be something that you are really going to enjoy seeing. 

  • 1. Sixth Floor Museum @SixthFloorMuseum -

    The Sixth Floor Museum is the place that recalls the final moments of JFK as this is the building that had the shot come from. The museum is a great place that really holds onto the location and history of this day and has everything preserved that you would expect it to be from that day in November.

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