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Los Angeles Coffee Shops - Top 7 Coffee shops In Los Angeles

Posted on 7 May 2014 by Melissa Marsden

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Best Coffee LA

The Top 7 Coffee Shops In Los Angeles.

The 7 best spots that's not a Starbucks.

Looking for a non-chain, but delicious, coffee shop in LA? These top seven will make your morning, and your day, great!

7. Caffe Luxxe: This coffee shop is known for making the best espresso in LA! The coffees are influenced by Northern Italy, and if you are so daring, try the delicious candied orange cinnamon espresso shot!

6. LAMILL Coffee Boutique: This is the 'upscale' coffee experience with plush décor, a number of brewing methods on offer, and delicious food to go along with that cup of coffee. Like bold coffees? This is the coffee shop for you! They even have their own gift shop.

5. Handsome Coffee Roasters: Handsome is definitely one of LA's finest. They feature a full roasting and packaging right behind front coffee bar and a simple menu--plenty of different espressos but just two batch-brewed coffees each day (and these change daily).

4. Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea: This was considered the first great coffee house in LA. Their landmark coffee bar in Silver Lake is considered the most iconic place to drink any type of coffee in the city, which is why you will often find celebrities hanging around. Their coffees are always good.

3. Cognoscenti Coffee Bar: This coffee bar is the dream child of a former architect, which is housed in his former office. They rotate a number of high-quality coffees on a daily basis. The interior is minimalist, but quite inviting.

2. Go Get Em Tiger: This may be one of the priciest coffee shops in the city, but it is also one of the best. In fact, it is so good, you won't mind paying a little extra. Not too trendy, but they have great offerings like almond milk, coffee milkshakes and more.

1. Single Origin: Single Origin is a contemporary coffee bar that brews coffee and custom espressos. Paired deliciously with pastries and desserts this is the place to get your morning started right!

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